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Haryana07290030101[email protected]1st Floor, Vipul Plaza, Suncity, Sector 54, Gurugram, Haryana 122011

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Nimbus Post Tracking

NimbusPost is the quickest developing local area of new businesses and business people meeting up for speedy and bother-free delivery arrangements with the greatest reach and solid client service.

For businesses to make an informed decision, the current shipping solutions lack transparent information. NimbusPost closes that gap to make it easier to make a decision that is supported by evidence.

Nimbus Post Tracking unite all the dispatch accomplices on one stage to assist you with picking the best fitting your necessities in the wake of contrasting the contributions from each.

They have their headquarters in Gurugram, Haryana, and they currently serve more than 60000 satisfied customers in more than 29000 pin codes.


  • Nimbuspost Tracking imagines making a tech-empowered calculated environment and turning into the most liked and confided-in strategic specialist co-op for organizations.


  • To be the first choice of businesses looking for a logistics partner and to give them the tools they need to grow with their global shipping services.

Values of Nimbus Post Courier Tracking

Being a youthful brand with a pioneering soul, they enhance to improve on their client’s business challenges with a smooth delivery experience. By adhering to their core values, they strive to set the standard for the industry.

Brief Reaction

  • They believe in responding appropriately to their client’s business requirements.


  • Nimbuspost Tracking excel at what they do.


  • Pillars that inspire and direct passion.

Responsive Learning

  • Learning shouldn’t stop. It won’t ever stop here.

Exceed Expectations of Customers

  • Nimbus Post Tracking convey more than whatever organizations expect out of them. Each and every time!

Respect Staff

  • Their kin is their solidarity. Nimbus Post Tracking appreciate them for their enthusiasm, commitment, and decision to share their talent with them.

Why Choose Nimbuspost Private Limited?

Over 60000 global sellers rely on NimbusPost, a cutting-edge shipping platform that is enabled by technology. Their services guarantee a prompt shipping solution for your company’s needs.

Maximize Profits and Expand Your eCommerce Business

  • Fast COD settlement and backing.
  • Numerous choices for courier services

Transporting Experience Just Improved

  • The smartest shipping automation in the industry.
  • Improved post-shipment experience.

Enhanced Automated Experience with Fewer Efforts

  • Man-made intelligence-based request portion motor.
  • Technology integration via plug-and-play.
Happy Clients60000+
Transactions Every Day2M+
Experts In TEAM500+

Key Features of Nimbuspost Courier Tracking

Their high-level elements assist you with overseeing start-to-finish delivery tasks in a solitary spot at the snap of a button for the most productive coordinated operations experience.

Comparison of Courier Rates

  • Find the transportation paces of different transporter accomplices in a solitary spot and contrast them in a flash to pick the savviest messenger accomplice for every shipment.

Shipment Tracking in Real-Time

  • With Nimbuspost Tracking advanced unified tracking feature, you won’t have to deal with figuring out the status of your shipment using multiple tracking numbers.

Simple Integration

  • Automated real-time order syncing and the need for manual order importing are both eliminated when your online store is integrated with the Nimbus Priority+ panel with a single click.

Panel for Advanced NDR

  • By taking immediate action on fake NDRs, you can reduce the RTO percentage significantly, enhance the customer experience, and increase your market value.

Nimbus Post Tracking Ecom

Do you intend to increase your presence in international markets? NimbusGlobal will handle the entire customs clearance process, allowing B2C businesses to ship internationally without a hitch using leading Express Overseas Couriers and Destination Courier Postal Services.


  • Ship orders quickly and easily from India to 36 nations, including the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, Singapore, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, and more.

Best Transportation Rates

  • Ship orders at the lowest rates and without any hidden fees, and you’ll make a lot of money on international sales.

Rapid Delivery

  • Coordinate your Online business stage in a single tick and convey worldwide orders quickest in only four days with the least documentation.

Tracking in Real-Time

  • Through a single tracking number, you can be informed in real time about where your package is.

Nimbus Priority

Through air cargo, Nimbus Priority makes it possible to import and export single and bulk goods internationally. 

With the amplest arrival across 196+ nations, Nimbus Post Tracking take special care of the worldwide transportation prerequisites of SMEs and people alongside various areas including training, travel, and pinnacle-level bodies, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg.

NimbusPost Tracking D2D AC

Radiance D2D AC empowers start-to-finish B2B abroad products through air freight. You won’t have to deal with two freight forwarders—one at the origin and one at the destination—with their door-to-door air cargo service. 

They meet the international shipping needs of individuals and small businesses, as well as various industries like education, travel, apex-level bodies, and others, across all hub locations.

Nimbus WF

If you need to ship something quickly, Nimbus WF is the best option. Brands can significantly reduce the RTO percentage and avoid delayed delivery situations by stocking inventory worldwide. 

To fulfil orders in the shortest amount of time, make use of their world-class warehouses spread across multiple international locations, high-end infrastructure, and technology-enabled platform.

Nimbus FF

Nimbus FF is a cutting-edge platform made to help importers and exporters quickly and easily manage maritime shipments and compare moving rates in real time. 

By enabling shipment booking in just a few minutes, their advanced technology-enabled platform lets you manage the complicated chain of international transportation. 

In this way, begin abroad moving with their imaginative tech stage and guaranteeing practical, safe, and effective global sea cargo, consistently.

Frequently Asked Questions of Nimbuspost Order Tracking India

Q1. Might I at any point deliver globally?

Ans. Yes! You can go nearby worldwide with them. From India, NimbusGlobal provides shipping to more than 196 nations.

Q2. How much time does international shipping take?

Ans. A parcel’s delivery time will be determined by the chosen route. Deliveries under the expedited plan can take anywhere from 7 to 10 days, whereas those under the Nimbus eCom Deferred International Plan can take anywhere from 10 to 14 days. Delivery times with Nimbus Priority range from four to nine days, depending on the destination.

Q3. How much time does international shipping take?

Ans. A parcel’s delivery time will be determined by the chosen route.

Q4. How much does it cost to ship internationally?

Ans. The expense of delivering a bundle universally relies upon a couple of elements, including the objective country. The most effective strategy for locating the lowest price is to use the Nimbus eCom+ Deferred and Expedited plan.

Q5. What is required for shipping internationally?

Ans. Nimbuspost Tracking requires your GST number, PAN, Aadhar, Import/Export Certificate, and AD Code in accordance with the regulations. Aside from that, they might require additional documentation according to the idea of the shipment.

Q6. What happens if our shipment is held up by customs?

Ans. The shipment must be cleared by customs. The processing times for customs clearance vary from country to country. In addition to VAT, duties and taxes may be owed in some nations. Your shipment might be held up by customs because they need more information. For this situation, they will contact your agent.