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Marfret Container Shipping France

Since its modest inception in the early 1950s by Claude Vidil and Pierre Giraud, the Marseille Fret Company has grown into a distinct global shipping presence. Starting with an Icelandic fishing boat, the “Douce France,” they started seaside transporting in the Mediterranean, extending their armada with vessels like the “Côte des Légendes” and “Ville de Holy person Pierre.” They expanded their network by opening offices in Paris, Rouen, and Dunkirk during the decolonization era, despite the difficulties they encountered. They expanded into new areas, particularly Libya. 

A strategic shift to regular lines began in the 1980s, opening a profitable container service between Rouen and the West Indies and then routes to Canada. In 1987, their exercises split, shaping a holding organization and another element to oversee line tasks, which extended administrations to Venezuela, Colombia, and the Caribbean. They were able to offer joint services by the middle of the 1990s thanks to alliances with rivals like CMA CGM and Maersk, enhancing economies of scale and schedule frequency. They added services between North Europe and French Guiana, northern Brazil, and the French West Indies as their network expanded. 

The mid-2000s saw a return to coastal trade with Caribbean routes and barge services. In 2005, “super shipping lines” emerged, forming new alliances and consolidating their global presence. Branch offices were established in Le Havre, French Guiana, Paris, the United States, and Algeria. These expansions strengthened their operational reach both in France and internationally. Their strategic growth enhanced service offerings and improved global logistics efficiency.

They became a major river and multimodal container freight operator on the Seine when they founded FluvioFeeder in 2005. Finishing a critical armada recharging by 2008, they presently gloat five vessels, guaranteeing their freedom and capacity to offer top notch support in a globalized exchange area.

Services of Marfret Tracking

Customized Shipping Solutions

It offers fitted delivery answers to meet the interesting necessities of its clients. Whether it’s moving larger than usual freight, transitory merchandise, or perilous materials, their aptitude guarantees protected and effective conveyance. 

Container Leasing and Management

It offers comprehensive container leasing and management services to accommodate clients with varying shipping requirements. This includes options for short-term and long-term leasing of open-top, flat-rack, and refrigerator containers, among others.

Digital Tracking and Reporting

It uses advanced technology for real-time tracking and reporting services for its shipments. Customers can monitor shipments via an online portal, receiving updates on cargo location and arrival times. Potential delays are communicated promptly, ensuring transparency throughout the shipping process. Detailed reporting features allow clients to analyze performance and make informed decisions. This enhances overall supply chain efficiency, optimizing logistics and improving customer satisfaction.

Intermodal Transport Solutions

It offers intermodal solutions integrating sea, rail, and road transportation for seamless logistics. Clients gain flexibility to choose efficient, cost-effective routes ensuring timely delivery of shipments. Coordinating various transport modes minimizes travel times and reduces handling risks effectively. This approach provides a smooth, end-to-end shipping experience for all clients. It ensures seamless logistics, enhancing overall efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Customs Clearance and Documentation

With its customs clearance and documentation services, it simplifies the process of navigating international trade regulations, which can be complicated. Their expert team expedites the clearance process by ensuring that all required paperwork is accurately completed and submitted.