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CITYPhone NumberEmail AddressCompany Address
New Delhi+91 120 245 9753[email protected]Flat No. 302 C, 03rd Floor,
World Trade Centre,
Babar Road,New Delhi – 110001

Official Website Link: https://www.ldb.co.in/ldb/containersearch

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LDB Container Tracking

NICDC Operations Information Administrations (NLDS) is a joint endeavour between the Legislature of India addressed by Public Modern Hall Improvement and Execution Trust (NICDIT) and the Japanese IT significant NEC Organization, with 50:50 value support.

NLDS was consolidated on 30th December 2015 with the goal of successfully utilizing ICT across the Indian Coordinated operations Area, teaching best practices across the different cycles and working towards getting effectiveness in the production network. 

The organization targets acquiring permeability and straightforwardness in Strategies climate, smoothing out the tasks across the production network and helping in the government’s arrangement of working on the Simplicity of Carrying on with Work in India.

The lead undertaking of the organization “Coordinated Operations Information Bank Framework (LDB Framework)” is an exploring arrangement that gives the Commodity Import Compartment permeability administration across Dish India alongside near execution measurements.


  • METI, Japan started a brilliant local area pre-practicality concentrate in the DMIC district.


  • Go on from DMIC Confidence in Spring.


  • Pack gave a warning for MUC (3yrs from LDB send-off) in October.


  • (NLDS) consolidated in December.


  • In July, JNPT sent off the LDB Container Tracking.


  • LDB sent off at APSEZin April.
  • Skillet India Send off the declaration in December.


  • LDB send off all things considered Significant Ports in November-Deecember.


  • Pack augmentation for 2yrs in August.


  • With Pipavav Go-Live, 100 per cent Inclusion in November.

How Does LDB Courier Tracking Work?

  • When the Holder is offloaded from the vessel the Compartment number and in-time is caught and given to LDB.
  • LDB Container Tracking framework records the Port-out data which is apparent to the end client.
  • The yard moves the compartment, and from there, it takes one of the underneath routes.
  • Trucks and trains move the holder.
  • The terminal administrator moves the compartments to one more yard of various terminal administrators.
  • The authorities send the functional staff of the port premises and the rail line siding staff to carry out the essential RFID Labeling tasks at the leave doors.
  • RFID perusers are arranged across all the passage and leave doors of the Icd’s, CFS, SEZ, Void Yards, and Stopping court Cost squares, for catching the compartment data while on the way.
  • When the compartment is vacant, then holders need to move to the unfilled yards for capacity and upkeep reasons.
  • Once their commodity process is finished, the compartments, which were labelled during their import process, are simply de-labelled.
  • When the compartment starts its commodity process from the ICDs/production line, the authorities install the RFID reader at the beginning of the ICDs to track the containers.
  • When the compartment shows up at any of the cost squares in the thruways, the perusers introduced at the cost doors catch the RFID label data and are transferred to the LDB server.
  • The authorities convey the functional staff at the entry gates of the port premises as well as at the railway siding to perform the essential task of tagging.
Toll Plazas93
Containers Handled60 Million+
Integrated Check Posts3
Port Terminals Across India27
CFSs/ICDs/ Empty Yards/ Parking Plaza350+
EXIM Container Handled100%

Frequently Asked Questions By LDB Logistics Tracking

How might I know the most recent status of my holder?

To look through the compartment, you want to sign in to the LDB Entry by tapping on the connection https://www.ldb.co.in/basicsearch and enter the 11 digits alphanumeric holder ID and tick the really take a look at the box, where you acknowledge the Agreements and afterwards hit the pursuit symbol.

The most effective method to coordinate LDB”?

You need to reach out to the organization division on [email protected]

What is LDB Logistics tracking?

It assists clients with following the compartment on their cell phones and gives different highlights to improve client experience like following the total course on Google Maps, viewing travel reports and so on.