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K D Courier Tracking is the next-generation solution for all your delivery needs. To check your K D Courier Service consignments, Enter your docket number and easily get all the information about your KD Courier shipments.

How To Track K D Courier Consignments

To track KD Courier, you may have to:

  1. Enter your KD Courier Service Docket No./ Tracking ID/ Shipment No.
  2. Click on the “Track” button.
  3. Your shipment’s current status, location, and estimated delivery date will be displayed once you click the button.
  4. Whenever you need to track your KD Courier shipment, follow these steps, this process is same as tracking of ACPL Tracking.      

K D Courier Tracking Customer Care

LocationContact NoEmail AddressCompany Address
Surat+91 9898697786[email protected] Shop Number 102 Krishna Yarn Chambers, Opp Zuber Chambers, Vansfodapul Salabatpura Surat 395003.

Official Website Link: https://kdcourier.com/

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Why K D Courier Tracking is Best?

Tracking your package on the website will be as straightforward and smooth as playing Asphalt Nitro, where you’ll get instant and clear updates about your shipment’s journey, just like racing on a digital track.

As part of its service offering, KD Courier provides:

  • Worldwide locations 
  • Transparent Pricing
  • Quality Service at an affordable price 
  • Safe Packaging
  • Fastest Delivery 
  • In Time Delivery

Value Added Features

  1. Customer Care Facility
  2. Billing Facility.
  3. Real-time consignment and vehicle tracking facility using GPS
  4. Check on the Delivery time (COD) facility.

Things You Can’t Book

  1. Ammunition, parts, and firearms
  2. Cremated remains corpses
  3. IATA’s definition of dangerous goods
  4. Packaging dry ice (including that used for shipping)
  5. Cash on Delivery Shipment
  6. Money 
  7. Refrigerated foods and beverages (perishables)
  8. Gambling Equipment: Lottery tickets and gambling equipment or things prohibited by International, National, or Local Laws
  9. Living animals and plants
  10. Pornography

Precautions to be taken while booking

  1. During booking, do not cover or overwrite the information of the consignor or receiver.
  2. When booking, use only hard boxes in good condition.
  3. Be sure not to exceed the weight specification of the packaging box(es).
  4. When booking a box, write down the address of the consignor/consignee
  5. According to the consignment’s weight, please use appropriate size boxes.
  6. Wrap or tape the courier label but do not tape it.

K D Courier Near Me

Offers courier services throughout India, including

SR No. CentresSR No. Centres
2Rajkot15New Delhi

About K D Courier Tracking Service

KD Courier’s flexible model, which uses only high-quality carriers, gives you more flexibility, time-definite deliveries, and improved service levels. Our knowledge of transportation management and planning allows us to respond quickly to any disruptions, such as weather. 

We understand how important we are to our clients. Our goal is to collaborate seamlessly with our clients as if they were internal departments.