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About Jaipur Golden Transport Tracking

In India, the transportation of goods has become increasingly specialized. Jaipur Golden Transport at Jaipur Golden has also come up with novel ideas and products to meet their customer’s expectations and meet the new challenges posed by technological advancements. 

Jaipur Golden is all set to face new challenges now that the economy is opening up and more foreign companies are doing business in India.

With 300 associates spread across the country, Jaipur Golden Tracking strives to serve its customers with unparalleled speed, safety, and service, which is also the motto of the company. 

The company began as a modest Khokha in 1948 in Lahori Gate, Delhi. Today, it is a leading transport company in India with 350 branches nationwide. 

They must ensure the timely delivery of your shipment from their terminals.

The historical backdrop of the organization traces all the way back to pre-parcel days. 

The bus fleet in Sargodha (now in Pakistan) was managed by Shri S. Makhan Singh, Shri Tulsi Dass Khanna, Shri Sardari Lal Bahri, and Shri Murari Lal Bahri prior to partition. 

After partition, they restarted their transport business in Delhi’s Lahori Gate with two trucks in 1948.

The founders’ perseverance, hard work, and efforts soon paid off, and Jaipur Golden became one of the most reputable names in the transportation industry.

Jaipur Golden Transport’s four founders, with their blood, sweat, and tears, are credited with its success. They were helped well in this by experienced directors, a group of young, dynamic executives, and an entire team of trustworthy workers.

Today, Jaipur Golden operates from Roshanara Road in Delhi, providing comprehensive services even from the country’s most remote locations, ensuring complete customer satisfaction. 

The VISION of Jaipur Golden Transport

The company currently has 350 branches and 300 associates across the country in its extensive network. The goods are kept extremely safe and secure by a vast network of hubs and warehouses covering more than 3 million square feet and more than 1,000 all-weather vehicles. 

Jaipur Golden Transport Tracking provides its services to a large number of Indian customers in a variety of industries, and they are open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. With a turnover of more than 400 crores, they strive to provide superior quality, speed, and service to their customers.

They will do whatever it takes to complete the task. They all take responsibility for their own work, their teams, and the part of the organization for which they are responsible.

At Jaipur Golden, their existence is guided by their clients. They are flexible and proactive business that meets the current and future requirements of its clients. 

Their many decades of success in the transportation industry can be attributed to their focus on ensuring customer satisfaction.

They are extremely pleased with their unblemished track record of having the highest levels of productivity and efficiency in the country and have solidified their position as the transportation industry’s leader.

A shipment never leaves their system until the final delivery is made to the customer’s door due to changing times and requirements. The environment of competition has necessitated high-end, faster transportation options. 

Once your shipment reaches one of their terminals, it becomes their responsibility to get it to its final destination in the allotted time with your trust. 

With confidence that they will fulfil their commitment, they closely monitor the movement. Their reputation as one of India’s most dependable transportation companies is based on trustworthiness and safety.

The MISSION of Jaipur Golden Transport Tracking

They literally live and follow their motto, “We carry your Trust,” at Jaipur Golden. Their goal is to provide environmentally friendly, safe, and dependable transportation options to their partners and customers at the highest possible quality.

Jaipur Golden Transport wants to be the best logistics service provider, with its primary goal being complete customer satisfaction. They strive to meet and frequently exceed their customers’ expectations. 

Their highly competent and dependable solutions are designed to establish long-term relationships with their clients. Jaipur Golden Tracking trains its employees to work as a team because they value them.

GROUP COMPANIES of Jaipur Golden Transport

Jaipur Golden Group of Companies, like the tree of Life, has a long history of satisfying customers. This has allowed them to expand at an exponential rate and cover a wide range of requirements for their clients.

Be it entryway conveyance, assortments, on-time conveyances or some other explicit necessities, Jaipur Brilliant keeps setting up a client’s grinning face. At Jaipur Golden, they are ready to provide assistance whenever it is necessary.

Use Jaipur Golden Transport Tracking for the fast and secure services they’re famous for. Your belongings’ security with Jaipur Golden is equivalent to personal transportation to the destination.

Group Division of Jaipur Golden Tracking

EXL India (Logistic Division)

The LOGISTICS Division of JAIPUR GOLDEN, EXL India, focuses on delivery management and provides customized logistics solutions to businesses and small and medium-sized enterprises.

 “To offer single Window Supply Chain Solutions” is their sole objective. Even though EXL has a tradition of using strategies to constantly improve its services, which has put them several notches ahead of its rivals, Jaipur Golden Transport is always open to new ideas to make its services even better.

Jaipur Golden Hospital

They demonstrate their social responsibility at JAIPUR GOLDEN by upholding professionalism as the standard for all their activities. On the other hand, the duality of its personality reveals a very warm disposition typical of a genuine human face.

In 1990, Jaipur Golden Tracking established the “JAIPUR GOLDEN HOSPITAL,” a 200-bed super speciality hospital, in the heart of North Delhi to meet the medical needs of a large population.

A team of highly motivated specialists in every conceivable medical field runs Jaipur Golden Hospital, which has cutting-edge equipment.

It is a charitable hospital that provides treatment at reasonable prices because they believe that human compensation is the only way to free the poor and needy. As a result, the economically disadvantaged segment of the population receives special treatment and attention.

Jaipur Golden Tracking Services

For the transportation of bulk and container cargo, Jaipur Golden Transport Tracking is a leading provider of specialized services in integrated multi-mode solutions. Businesses seeking seamless transportation, warehousing, supply chain management, and trucking can use Jaipur Golden’s one-stop shop.

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