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CITYPhone NumberEmail AddressCompany Address
Ahmedabad+91 9870399297; +91 9870399298[email protected]Common User Domestic Cargo Terminal (CUDCT) Cargo Service Centre SVPI Airport, Terminal 3 Ahmedabad

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Indigo Air Waybill Tracking India

IndiGo is one of the quickest-developing worldwide minimal-expense transporters of today. They started tasks in August 2006 with the target of rethinking reasonable air travel in India as well as working with business exchange through their air freight administrations.

While they at IndiGo are hoping to associate individuals and spots, they are likewise taking a gander at spanning holes in exchange and supply by giving effective and dependable freight administrations. IndiGo keeps on extending its objections and armada inside India, making it conceivable to give their clients broad associations, cutthroat air freight rates, and dependability of administration.

To oversee freight, their clients depend on them; they have an armada of committed and concentrated vehicles and gear that assist with guaranteeing freedom from any potential harm to freight development inside the cover site, insurance of freight against weather conditions, and opportune conveyance of their cycle-driven freight executives framework, which has given Indigo Air Cargo Tracking company’s clients an ongoing following of freight.

Detail TIMES Global Honor for Greatness in Air Freight in the class of ‘Freight Carrier of the Year (locale India)’ in the years 2012, 2014, 2016, and 2018.

BIAL Zenith grants – ‘Homegrown Aircraft of the Year for Freight’ in 2017.

Daily flights1900+
Domestic Destinations80+
International Destinations30+
Mn+ happy passengers500 
Fleet tall300+

Mission, Vision and Values of Indigo AWB Tracking


Indigo Air Cargo Tracking Company’s main goal is to provide elite freight following arrangements that enable organizations to smooth out their inventory network activities. They are focused on conveying constant permeability and control, guaranteeing the protected and productive development of merchandise, and surpassing their clients’ assumptions every step of the way.


Indigo Transport company’s vision is to be the business chief in freight following innovation, setting the highest quality level for straightforwardness, dependability, and development. They seek to be the confided-in accomplice of decision for organizations around the world, changing the manner in which they oversee and streamline their coordinated factors and freight activities.



They are committed to conveying exact and reliable freight following arrangements, guaranteeing their clients can believe the data and bits of knowledge they give.


Their clients’ prosperity is at the core of all that they do. They focus on their requirements, pay attention to their criticism, and work cooperatively to tackle their difficulties.


They are focused on nonstop improvement and advancement. They effectively search out new advancements and answers to improve their freight-following abilities.


They work with the most noteworthy moral guidelines, keeping up with straightforwardness, genuineness, and classification in the entirety of their associations.


They encourage a culture of cooperation and common regard among their workers, accomplices, and clients, perceiving that their aggregate endeavours drive their prosperity.


They are aware of their natural effects and endeavour to advance manageable practices inside their organization and the operations business.

Worldwide Point of view 

They embrace variety and perceive the worldwide idea of operations and supply chains. They expect to help organizations across boundaries and societies.

Prohibited Items in Indigo Logistics Transport

Dangerous Materials: This incorporates explosives, combustible gases, harmful synthetic compounds, and radioactive materials. They present critical dangers during transportation, stockpiling, and dealing with them.

Unlawful Medications: Opiates, controlled substances, and unlawful medications are generally denied to battle drug dealing and substance misuse.

Live Creatures: The vehicle of live creatures is dependent upon severe guidelines to guarantee their security and prosperity. It frequently requires grants and adherence to creature government assistance norms.

Transient Products: Things like transient food varieties, plants, and certain drugs require controlled conditions during transport to forestall waste or tainting.

Explosives and Firecrackers: These are regularly denied because of their true capacity for inflicting any kind of damage, mishaps, or catastrophes whenever misused.

Human Remaining Parts: Moving human remaining parts generally requires legitimate documentation and adherence to well-being and security guidelines.

Fake Products: Phony or fake items encroach on protected innovation freedoms and can be unsafe for customers. They are disallowed to safeguard genuine organizations and purchasers.

Risky Waste: Materials called perilous waste require specific handling and removal techniques to forestall ecological defilement.

Imperilled Species and Natural Life Items: Things produced using or obtained from imperilled species are often subject to severe guidelines to forestall unlawful exchange and safeguard biodiversity.

Frequently Asked Questions By Indigo Air Cargo Tracking

How do I book IndiGo’s contract flights?

Basically, visit the Sanction Flight Area on their site and begin by entering every one of the expected subtleties. Pick the beginning and objective city alongside the preferred date of movement and the number of travellers prior to affirming the contract flight booking.

Contrast between a Sanction flight and a normal flight?

The distinction between a contract flight and a customary flight is that a sanctioned flight offers you a more customized and confidential experience. It is a more advantageous choice with regard to time.

Might you at any point book freight Sanctions with Indigo Air Cargo Tracking?

Yes, IndiGo Logistics additionally allows you to book freight sanctions. Enter all the fundamental data, like time and date, as well as the beginning and objective urban communities, to book a freight contract with IndiGo Transport. You additionally need to determine the kind of freight prior to affirming your booking.

What is the expense of a contract plane in India?

The expense of a sanctioned plane depends on different factors like area, type of airplane, and so forth.

What is the difference between a sanctioned flight and a freight flight?

The distinction between a contract flight and a freight flight is that sanction flights convey travellers, while freight flights convey freight in the paunch of the airplane.

What’s the significance here of contracting a flight?

Sanctioning a flight implies recruiting a whole airplane to fly according to your solace, comfort, and timing.

What number of seats does a sanctioned flight have?

The seating limit on a contract flight depends on the type of airplane. Airbus has 180 seats, 186 seats, and 222 seats. An ATR includes 78 seats. Disclaimer: The accessibility of seats will be founded on government and DGCA rules.