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New Delhi18002666868[email protected]Directorate of Postal Life Insurance Chanakyapuri Post Office Complex, 1st Floor New Delhi – 110021

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Speed Post India

For over 150 years, the Division of Posts (DoP) has been the foundation of the nation’s correspondence and plays had a significant impact on the country’s social and financial turn of events. It contacts the existences of Indian residents in numerous ways: conveying sends, tolerating stores under Little Reserve funds Plans, giving disaster protection cover under Postal Extra security (PLI) and Country Postal Life coverage (RPLI) and giving retail benefits like bill assortment, offer of structures, and so on. 

The DoP likewise goes about as a specialist for the Legislature of India in releasing different administrations for residents, for example, Mahatma Gandhi Public Rustic Business Assurance Plan (MGNREGS) wage dispensing and advanced age benefits installments. With over 1,55,000 mail depots, the DoP has the most generally conveyed postal organization on the planet.

India Post’s mission is to maintain its position as the largest postal network in the world, touching the lives of every citizen in the country. 

Vision and Mission of India Post

  • India Post’s products and services will be the first choice for customers. 
  • To give mail packages, cash move, banking, protection and retail benefits with speed and dependability.
  • To offer types of assistance to the clients on incentive for-cash premise.
  • To guarantee that the representatives are pleased to be its principal strength and serve its clients with a human touch.
  • To keep on conveying government-backed retirement administrations and to empower last mile network as an Administration of India stage.
  • They will keep up with their famous status as a novel and confided in public establishment by:
  • Continuously giving the human touch in the entirety of their associations with society.
  • Being responsive and dependable.
  • Exhibiting the highest levels of professionalism, honesty, and openness.
  • Releasing their obligations towards the general public in a climate of profound trust, common regard and a culture of administration before self.
  • Accomplish the drawn out objective of monetary independence by creating overflows from administrations (existing and new) outside their general help commitment.
  • Create, execute and work an arrangement of norms with responsibility for execution.
  • Foster a versatile and adaptable innovation framework to help their tasks.
  • Be the liked, trusted and solid assistant accomplice for all clients.
  • India Post ensures that it actively engages individuals with the requisite skills to deliver its chosen portfolio of services.
  • Be the point of interaction between residents and the public authority.

Speed Post Tracking Services

Parcel Location Monitoring

Observe your package’s current location as it travels to its destination. Their following help gives exact updates on the ongoing whereabouts of your shipment, guaranteeing you’re dependably in the loop.

Delivery Status Notifications

Remain informed with programmed warnings about the conveyance status of your bundle. Receive notifications whenever the shipping process experiences delays, when the package is out for delivery, or when it has been successfully delivered.

Estimated Arrival Time Insights

Acquire bits of knowledge into the assessed appearance season of your shipment. You can plan accordingly and anticipate when your package will reach its destination because their tracking system uses cutting-edge algorithms to predict the anticipated delivery time.

Route Optimization Assistance

Amplify proficiency with course streamlining help. Track your bundle’s process and distinguish the most productive course taken, guaranteeing that your bundle arrives at its objective in the briefest conceivable time.

Proof of Delivery Verification

Acquire inner harmony with their evidence of conveyance confirmation administration. Once your package has been delivered successfully, you will receive a confirmation with pertinent information like the recipient’s name and delivery time.

Customized Tracking Preferences

Tailor your following experience by setting customized inclinations. You can tailor your tracking experience by choosing the frequency of updates, preferred notification channels, and specific details you want to monitor.

Real-time Exception Alerts

Be cautioned in a flash to any special cases or issues that might emerge during the transportation cycle. Their constant exemption cautions keep you informed about any deferrals, rerouting, or other unexpected conditions that might influence your bundle’s conveyance.

Security and Protection Measures

Have confidence in their vigorous security and protection measures. They focus on classifying your following data, ensuring that authorized individuals have access and safeguarding your information.

Frequently Asked Questions By Indian Speed Post Tracking

How would I change my secret key?

Sign in to your Record on the IndiaPost Site, Select the ‘Change Secret word’ connect at the highest point of your page. Submit the information after entering your new password.

How would I change my subtleties?

Sign in to your Record on IndiaPost Site, click on ‘My Profile’ connect at the highest point of your page. Change the subtleties and submit to refresh the subtleties.

Could I at any point refresh my email ID as well?

Yes, you can refresh your email ID from the ‘My Profile’ interface. A confirmation connection will be shipped off your new email ID. Your email address will be updated after you click the verification link.

Could I at any point change my UserID?

UserID is a one-of-a-kind character and can’t be changed. For another UserID, you need to enrol again on the IndiaPost Site as another client.

Could I at any point enlist different records with the same UserID?

No, you can not have different records with same UserID. UserID is an interesting personality and checked at the hour of enlistment for uniqueness.

Might I at any point enroll various records with same email ID?

No, you can have just a single record with one email address.