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Hyderabad (HO and Registered Office)040-71204284, 27844284[email protected]Western Pearl, 4th Floor,Survey No. 13(P), Kondapur,Hyderabad – 500 084, Telangana

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Gati Courier Tracking

Gati Limited, one of India’s leading Express Distribution and Supply Chain Management companies, is dedicated to providing seamless, end-to-end logistics solutions. The company backs its services with digital tools and technology that are ready for the future.

Established in 1989, with prestigious skills in surface and air express as well as tweaked answers for retail and MSME areas, Gati provides organizations with the additional benefit of an unparalleled organization. 

Gati covers the entire country of India, providing businesses with access to more than 19,800 PIN codes and 735 of the country’s 739 districts.

After making a strategic acquisition of Gati in 2020, Allcargo Logistics is now the promoter and the sole largest shareholder of Gati, holding more than 50% of the company. Kintetsu World Express (KWE) of Japan holds about 3.5% of the company. 

Further, organizations seeking to expand their viewpoints can take advantage of a worldwide organization working in 180 nations.

Gati looks forward to enchanting clients and empowering quick, protected and opportune conveyances, each and every time.


They put ingenuity into action to serve stakeholders and win the market by a wide margin.


Gati Logistics Tracking continuously drives its operations with a client-centric and proactive approach. They actively create digitally enabled and well-governed worldwide logistics magic.

Values of Gati Logistics

1. Purposeful entrepreneurship

Remember that the company is the collective soul of its employees, so adopt the owner’s mindset. Take charge and test the limits. Use assets deliberately, pursue objectives forcefully, be thrifty and seek after energy for business greatness.

2. Client Centricity

Perceive that Gati Cargo clients are the justification for their reality. Obsess over pleasing clients and all stakeholders. 

Go to infinite lengths to provide the best customer experiences, as outlined in their Vision and Mission.

3. Innovation and Execution

Continually endeavour to challenge regular perspectives and drive development with groundbreaking thoughts, a cutting-edge standpoint and points of view from the young. 

Deliver world-class solutions that make use of IT, digital platforms, and more recent technologies to maximize impact. Be dexterous, adaptable and lead the disturbance.

4. Collaboration

Fabricate a profoundly competent and serious group to construct developing organizations which convey the most noteworthy worth by encouraging a significant relationship with all partners by rehearsing the best expectations of business morals, modesty and administration.

5. Care for Climate and Society

Supporting scientific research that reflects environmental and sustainability concerns is always a top priority. Be mindful of corporate residents and add to a superior society, nation and world at large.

Prohibited Items of Gati Transport Tracking

Restricted Things for Transportation – All Administrations

  • Money: Moving money in any structure isn’t permitted.
  • Bullion: Bulk supplies of precious metals are referred to as bullion and are traded on the commodity market. These metals can be cast in the type of ingots or stamped into coins. It is against the law to transfer currency.
  • Postal Products from India: They do not permit the transportation of Indian postal items, such as letters, cards, postal stamps, and postal orders, from one location to another.
  • Unlawful Medications/Opiates: These are prohibited items that cannot be transported in any circumstance.
  • Semi-liquids and liquids: In order to safeguard future shipments, these materials are prohibited. The mere presence of liquid or semi-liquid products should not cause other shipments to become spoiled. If the shipment needs to be booked right away, approval from HB&O and the RMG head (HO) is required.
  • Postal items: Philately is the study of stamps and other related objects. Stamp sending through transportation is restricted.
  • Ammunition: Gati Tracking prohibits the transportation of gunpowder and artillery.
  • Pornography: Obscene and related material is not taken into consideration by transportation.
  • Valuable and Semi-valuable things: If a material’s value exceeds Rs 6000/- per kg or the agenda value is greater than Rs 50,00,000/-, it is classified as valuable material.
  • Radioactive Material: They actively do not permit the movement of radioactive materials as they have the potential to cause a health calamity if proper packaging is not implemented. The law prohibits the transportation of goods at any time without notice.

Risky Merchandise in Gati Express

Risky merchandise, additionally called dangerous materials (“Hazardous materials”), are solids, fluids, or gases that can hurt individuals, other living creatures, property, or the climate. Frequently, chemical regulations apply to them. 

Each diamond’s colour is a reference to the risk it poses, for example: Combustible = red, Touchy = orange since blending red (combustible) with yellow (oxidizing specialist) makes orange. 

Green is the colour of non-flammable, non-toxic gas because all compressed air vessels in France after World War II have painted this colour—France is where the diamond system got its start.

People who handle perilous merchandise will frequently wear defensive gear, and metropolitan local groups of firefighters frequently have a reaction group explicitly prepared to manage mishaps and spills. 

Frequently, organizations monitor or subject individuals who may come into contact with hazardous materials as part of their work to health surveillance in order to ensure that their exposure does not exceed occupational exposure limits.

Depending on the activity and state of the material, different laws and regulations may apply to the use and handling of hazardous materials. 

For instance, one bunch of necessities might apply to their utilization in the work environment while alternate prerequisites might apply to spill reaction, deal for customer use, or transportation. Most nations direct some part of risky materials.

Gati Docket Tracking Services

Gati-KWE Express Appropriation

Gati-Kintetsu Express Private Limited (Gati-KWE) is a joint venture between Kintetsu World Express, the leading logistics provider in Japan, and Gati, India’s pioneer in express distribution, supply, and supply chain solutions.

A natural organization that traverses the length and broadness of India Gati-KWE has a span of over the vast majority of the regions in India.

Thanks to their large fleet of more than 5000 vehicles and guaranteed space across 32 airline sectors, they deliver all shipments, cargo, and couriers on time and to the right place.

Gati today is the most favoured Express Appropriation and Store network Arrangements supplier on account of its capacity to deal with each dissemination needs of its clients.

Warehousing solutions from GATI Transport

Gati-KWE offers integrated supply chain services and solutions to companies in a variety of industry sectors.

Gati serves customers in a variety of industries, including e-commerce, hospitality, healthcare, computer peripherals and spare parts, consumer electronics, and automotive spares, with 5 Mn + 3PL/WH Capacity and 5 e-fulfilment centres.

Gati-KWE gives altered, best-in-class warehousing administrations for the business section alongside offering industry-explicit benefits.

Gati Internet Business Coordinated Factors

The Indian web-based business market is prospering because of expanding web and portable infiltration, developing agreeableness of online installments and ideal socioeconomic.

Gati KWE Tracking E-associate, the e-commerce Strategic Solutions vertical of Gati, is India’s first integrated e-commerce logistics solutions provider.

The pioneer and market leader in India for express distribution supports Gati E-connect, which covers more than 99 per cent of districts.