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CITYPhone NumberEmail AddressCompany Address
Mumbai+91 22 4002 5639/40/41[email protected]3, Saifi Bldg., Ground Floor, 222-24-28, Raghunath Dadajee Street, Fort, Mumbai, 400001

Official Website Link: http://falconcourier.net/index.html

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Falcon Courier Tracking India

In The present Serious business environment, proficient taking care of and conveyance of essential time-sensitive records and bundles could assist with further developing execution.

Falcon Couriers Pvt. Ltd., an expertly overseen organization with committed faculty and organization, is confided in by many presumed business foundations for effective, solid and customized administration In The present Serious business environment, productive taking care of and conveyance of crucial time—touchy reports and bundles could assist with further developing execution. In The present, Serious business

Falcon Couriers Tracking Pvt. Ltd., an organization laid out in 1988, expertly deals with a committed workforce of lucky involvement, reliably fulfilling the rigid needs of their insightful clients. They have a decent homegrown organization with their own branches and franchisees all over India. 

They have, throughout the long term, obtained a patent skill over specific frameworks and cycles, which makes their clients and partners sure to trust them to arrive at their packages and other freight with an especially serious level of security, unwavering quality, and dependability. Falcons of prey trust speed, security, dependability, and economy.

Management: Overseen by the Directorate and upheld by Territorial Supervisors, Branch Chiefs, Activities In-Control, and Client-Adjusting Workers

Head Office, Mumbai:

  • Mr Richard D’souza, Director.
  • Mr Bhuvnesh Sharma, Director.

Services of Falcon Courier Tracking

Domestic Services

This is a fundamentally important development accessible to selected urban communities in India. The messengers booked explicitly under this item are moved by traveller flights withdrawing on the following morning from urban communities of dispatch for quick and solid conveyance administration inside India in 24 to 72 working hours, depending upon the objective city. 

Utilize this help for pre-alarmed time-bound conveyances and conveyance affirmations by printing copies of affirmations.

Mass Letters: Homegrown Urban Communities

This service provides exceptional assistance when dealing with a massive volume of reports (thousands in number) that need to be distributed within India, and the delivery timeframe is flexible. This service is designed for non-urgent documents such as booklets, statements, informational notices, direct sales brochures, etc., which hold significance but are not strictly time-bound.

Freight Dispatch Administration By Falcon Couriers

Freight dispatch is extraordinarily useful for weighty shipments. It is an entryway to conveyance administration inside India for packages with a conveyance length of 24 to 96 working hours, depending on the objective of conveyance.

They move shipments specifically designated under this item using the Air-Freight mode on passenger flights departing on the next working day following the booking date. Utilize this help for heavier single shipments over 51 Kg for proficient conveyances at an efficient rate, empowering cost reserve funds absent a lot of postponement in the conveyance span. 

Surface Dispatch Administration

The Surface Messenger Administration is a conservative, time-bound conveyance administration by street/rail for select objections. Surface Dispatch Administration inside India is for less earnest yet significant burden shipments for conveyance in 3 to 6 working days. 

Utilize this help for minimal expense development of your non-critical heavier shipments alongside unwavering quality and effective care.

Intra-City Services of Falcon Tracking

Neighborhood Dispatching Administrations

The Neighborhood Messenger Administration is for the conveyance of significant repo inside the side of the beginning city and chose encompassing regions. These archives are conveyed within 24 to 48 working hours, depending on the area of conveyance. This assistance is for the ideal conveyance of your significant archives within your city.

Mass Letters Inside City

The Company FALCON Tracking assistance is presented for your huge number of reports (in the thousands) to be conveyed inside the city of the beginning and conveyance time is adaptable. This help is intended for non-pressing reports like fliers, explanations, data announcements and direct deals pamphlets and so on. which are significant yet not inflexibly time-bound. 

Nearby: Critical; Neighborhood: Very Pressing

This assistance is for your generally delicate and important pressing reports, which you should convey to your representatives inside the city and the surrounding regions of need. They have devoted field faculty exceptionally reserved for crisis courier administrations on a period-bound get and conveyance plan.

This assistance is presently accessible inside the Delhi and Kolkata urban areas, as it were. In Delhi, they are actually working on these administrations for numerous years and they have achieved specialization in this item. Indeed, even in Kolkata city, they have actually settled this item. Contact their workplaces in these urban areas for additional subtleties.

Extraordinary Administrations

  • Treatment of Delicate Materials.
  • Bundling and Exceptional Dealing with For High Worth Items and Gear.
  • Safeguarded Development For High Worth Shipments.
  • Short Duration Warehousing For Exceptionally Enormous Developments Of Weighty Shipments.
  • Special Plans For Festivity Bundles During Significant Celebrations.

Frequently Asked Questions By Falcon Courier Tracking

How might I follow my Falcon Courier shipment?

Visit the Falcon Courier shipment site and explore the “Track Shipment” segment. Enter the following number given during booking, and you’ll get constant updates on your shipment’s area and status.

What is the common conveyance time for Falcon Courier shipment?

Conveyance times differ in light of the help level picked and the objective. By and large, Falcon Courier shipment gives assessed conveyance windows during the booking system. Factors like distance and transportation techniques impact conveyance times.

My following status hasn’t changed. How would it be advisable for me to respond?

Now and again there may be defers in refreshing the following data because of different reasons. In the event that your following status hasn’t changed for some time, allow it to change every day or two and check once more. Assuming the issue continues, contact Hawk Messenger’s client service for help.

Could I at any point change the conveyance address after I’ve sent the Falcon Courier shipment?

Generally speaking, you could possibly demand a conveyance address change, yet it relies upon the messenger’s strategies and the phase of the shipment. Contact Falcon Courier’s client support straightaway to investigate your choices.

How would it be advisable for me to respond on the off chance that my Falcon Tracking shipment is set apart as “conveyed” yet I haven’t gotten it?

In the event that the following status shows “conveyed” yet you haven’t accepted your bundle, follow these means: ( 1) Double-check the conveyance address on the following page. ( 2) Inquire as to whether they got the bundle. ( 3) Falcon Courier shipment’s client care to report the issue and start an examination.