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About CriticaLog  Courier Tracking

CriticaLog combines Shipping, Special Handling, Fulfillment, and Technology Services to provide multi-modal critical logistics solutions to core industries.

CriticaLog’s tracking services reach over 16,500 PIN codes and cater to Fortune 500 companies even in remote parts of India. They serve customers on five continents and offer solutions to core industries through their International Partnerships and membership in WCA.


  • Focus on industry-specific requirements and solutions to run a critical supply chain and logistics operation that is both profitable and scalable.
  • Utilize a diverse workforce, a service-oriented culture, and cutting-edge technology to promote environmental sustainability.
  • Provide Critical logistics services that are highly dependable and add value to clients and their customers.


  • Their goal is to be the global critical logistics industry leader using technology to optimize and maintain supply chain visibility.
  • Their team will receive training, tools, and direction, and a secure work environment to exceed customer expectations at each stage..
  • To meet stakeholder expectations, they will innovate and address critical logistics needs for their client’s revenue and profitability.
  • willingness to invest in and construct individualized solutions.
  • Devoted, knowledgeable, and skilled team in charge of operations and management.
  • Secured and “Owned” operations network with a proprietary information technology system.
  • Experience of high quality in the service industry results in content customers.

 CriticaLog Tracking Services

1. 100% Secure And Committed

           CriticaLog tracking is a critical logistics player with a high level of service. Customers are benefiting from their end-to-end solutions, which reduce the number of touchpoints and assist in increasing efficiency.

By investing in their own offices, they serve major industries and have witnessed consistent network expansion. This has allowed them to expand to the farthest reaches of the globe and increase their penetration.

2. Delivering With Ease 

Their objective is to offer cutting-edge skills to their clients so that they can focus on running their businesses without worrying about logistics.

3. Criticality is Vital

           They measure a commodity’s criticality by assessing its value, temperature control requirements, transit time, and confidentiality, among other factors.

 4. Same-Day Delivery

  • Next Flight Out (NFO): NFO shipments are urgent and connected directly to destination airports by major airlines. The shipment is picked up, taken to the airport, and put on the next flight that is available. CriticaLog tracking retrieves the shipment and delivers it to the consignee upon the flight’s arrival at the destination.
  • Hand Carry: It’s critical that everything arrives on time for extremely urgent deliveries. CriticaLog Tracking provides the Hand Carry option to transport shipments to the desired location. The specialized freight forwarding solution makes it possible to respond quickly to time-sensitive requests.
  • Just In Time (JIT) / Rush Delivery: Implementing Just in Time (JIT) means obtaining items only when needed for the process, thereby increasing efficiency. JIT’s success depends on a dependable supply chain. CriticaLog’s technology-enabled operation ensures expedited delivery of within-city shipments within two to four hours of pickup from the company’s warehouse.

5. Next-Day Delivery

  • Standard Air: Standard Air services provide leading commercial airlines with adaptable domestic flight schedules. They are able to transport essential shipments on time thanks to their strong connections with major commercial airlines. They provide round-the-clock attention and the utmost care when handling shipments of extreme criticality.
  • Direct-To-Door: Sometimes, the logistics of a crucial shipment require no transhipment. The logistics service provider must transport such a shipment directly to the customer, rejecting the standard hub and spoke model.
  •  Direct Master: The shipment with the highest priority is picked up, taken to the airport, and presented on a special airline waybill on the optimized flight. In order to connect the shipment in the shortest amount of time possible, they choose the best flight that departs and arrives at both the origin and destination airports.

6. CriticaLog Courier Lite Express

  •  Economy Air: The Economy Air service is intended for semi-critical cargo that travels through the surface network. They can design an end-to-end multimodal solution that reduces surface transit time, increases efficiency, and reduces touchpoints thanks to their partnerships with leading airlines.
  • Road Express: CriticaLog Road Express is an important national and regional network that connects India’s far-flung regions. With dedicated GPS-enabled fleets, it makes it possible for long-distance road movements to be quick, safe, and dependable.

7. CriticaLog Courier Reverse Logistics

  •  Reverse: Where high-value asset management support is guaranteed and where expectations from all sides exceed typical pickup and delivery. There is no one else like them when it comes to providing secure packaging for defective goods and prompt reverse logistics across the nation.
  • Repair And Return: Repair and Return aid businesses in bringing their after-sales services closer to customers. The process begins with the end-user collection of the defective product, subsequent repair at the closest service centre, and prompt return of the product to the user.
  • Swap / Exchange: In order to ensure customer satisfaction, businesses may accept the replacement of defective products within the guarantee period. In swap deliveries, the logistics service provider transports a new product, and the exchange takes place at the customer’s location. The faulty product is later combined and sent back to the equipment manufacturer.

8. CriticaLog Courier International Delivery

  • Door-To-Door / Port: Shipments are delivered via ocean or air transit by CriticaLog to any location in the world. Door-to-Door and Port delivery services run smoothly thanks to their alliance with international airlines and IATA-approved courier partners.
  • Freight Clearance: For import or export pre-clearance at an airport or port, CriticaLog assists with obtaining permits, approvals, no-objection certificates, and other legal requirements. They make certain that the shipment is properly labelled so that all parties involved can handle and store it in accordance with transit requirements from pick-up to delivery.
  • 24×7 Customer Support: They have a team that specializes in international inquiries. They keep in constant contact with their courier partner to inform customers of the progress of their orders.

9. Special Handling CriticaLog Tracking Services

  • Cold Chain Movement: Dedicated reefer trucks and cold rooms in a good place to transport temperature-controlled shipments. They also make sure that the temperature stays the same throughout the transport by carefully planning the refill of the refrigerant during transit.
  • Precious Cargo Handling: When transporting high-value items, skilled handling and extra precautions against sudden movements, shocks, or vibrations are required. In order to safeguard the business in the event of an accident, appropriate and comprehensive insurance is purchased for the item in question’s value. Safes, cages, CCTV, armed security personnel, and GPS-monitored vehicles all provide protection for the products.
  • Dangerous Goods / HAZMAT Movement: The material must remain contained to prevent contamination and protected to avoid unacceptable exposure to cargo handlers and the public, which is a fundamental requirement for the transportation of Dangerous Goods (DG).
  • Radioactive Handling: The regulatory authority in India enforces radioactive cargo handling for the safe transportation of radioactive materials and sources of radiation. The certified personnel for handling Dangerous Goods (DG) and CriticaLog’s network at major airports make it possible to move radioactive goods from one airport to another without any problems.
  • Odd Dimension Cargo (ODC) Handling: Manufacturers sometimes struggle to break down the shipment into manageable pieces, which further complicates product setup and commissioning at the destination. CriticaLog is able to customize transport services for the movement of the most challenging Odd Dimension Cargo (ODC) thanks to a well-coordinated team responsible for moving the shipment and securing it.
  • Coordinated Logistics: Re-engineering the client’s standard operating procedures to make their value chain more efficient by including technology. Using streaming data analytics from GPS-equipped vehicles to optimize a route helps plan pickup and delivery strategies. On high-load factor lanes, they can move shipping twice or three times a day, which allows for multiple delivery times.

10. CriticaLog Tracking Fulfilment Services

  • B2B Order Fulfilment: At CriticaLog, strategic optimization of line haul, route planning, and order planning is always a top priority. Everything about storing, insurance, inspection, packaging, etc. is explained to the buyer, which guarantees the precise and careful execution of the complex business order fulfilment procedure.
  • Strategic Stocking Location (SSL): The only option when last-mile deliveries are a priority inventory holding costs are a concern for utility sites.
  • Returns Management: CriticaLog’s Transport Management System (TMS) makes it simple for their clients to schedule pickups and keep track of their orders in real time.
  • Implant Services: The logistics service provider places an implant at the client warehouse to ensure close cooperation between the warehousing team and themselves.
  • Transport Packaging: CriticaLog ensures improved packaging for goods that require optimal conditions throughout the entire transit period, such as temperature-controlled shipments. CriticaLog ships the package in transport-worthy packaging and guarantees open pickup from the consignor, with no reported theft.
  • Break Bulk Services: Sometimes, businesses think about moving consolidated cargo from one location to another. . The businesses then position the product’s in-city distribution from a break bulk point.
  • Importer On Record: In customs law, a term called “Importer On Record” is used. It refers to an individual or business that imports legal goods in accordance with local laws. It is the importer’s responsibility to submit all legally required paperwork.

11. Technology Services

  • Real-Time Delivery Monitoring And Control: Real-time shipment tracking is now possible thanks to the integration of their proprietary Transport Management System (TMS) applications with the pickup, routing, and delivery module, which has also increased data capture precision. Their fieldwork is in constant contact with the customer thanks to the real-time decision support systems, which has allowed for a quicker resolution of onsite issues.
  • Supply Chain Inventory Visibility: The application for their Warehouse Management System (WMS) enables businesses to better plan their activities and anticipate issues by monitoring and managing events.
  • Service Operations Management: Service Operations Management (SOM) services streamline maintenance, repair, and after-sales operations (MRO) by giving businesses greater control over their supply chain. CriticaLog’s business intelligence application is flexible enough to support services operation management in the client’s value chain with additional processes.
  • Shipment Life Cycle Management: In the supply chain, Shipment Life Cycle (SLC) Management is the process of managing the cargo handling capability’s entire life cycle. The life cycle of each shipment includes inception, design and launch (physical, financial, and digital), shipping mode options, performance tracking, refinement, and, ultimately, the retirement of cargo handling capability-related processes, structures, and governance.
  • API Integration: By utilizing an Application Programme Interface (API) integration, distinct functions are able to collaborate on the development of best-of-breed platforms for handling specific tasks and data sets with ease.
  • Logistics Network Planning: Logistics Network Planning (LNP) is a tried-and-true scientific method for figuring out how much it will cost and how much service will be enough for businesses to meet certain customer service goals. Maintaining a benchmark cost for logistics is critical because of the extensive presence across India. CriticaLog makes it possible to optimize net profitability across each cargo lane by enabling dynamic alignment of customer demands and supply response capabilities.