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New Delhi91-11-41673093, 49512150/60[email protected]CONCOR Bhawan, C-3, Mathura Road, Opposite Apollo Hospital New Delhi – 110 076

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Concor Container Tracking International

Container Corporation of India Ltd. (CONCOR), was consolidated in Walk 1988 under the Organizations Act and started the activity in November 1989 assuming control over the current organization of 7 ICDs from the Indian Railroads.

From its unassuming start, it is presently an undisputed market pioneer having the biggest organization of 61 ICDs/CFSs in India (59 terminals and 2 vital tie-ups). 

It has expanded to include the management of ports, the establishment of air cargo complexes, and the transportation of containers by rail inland. It has and will keep on assuming the part of advancing containerization in India by temperance of its cutting edge rail cart armada, client amicable business rehearses and broadly utilized Data Innovation. The organization created multimodal coordinated factors to support India’s Global and Homegrown containerization and exchange. 

CONCOR is focused on giving responsive, savvy, effective and dependable coordinated factors answers for its clients. It endeavours to be the best option for its clients. CONCOR is a client-centered, execution driven, result situated association, that zeroed in on offering some benefit for cash to its clients.

Indian Railroad’s essential drive to containerize freight transport put India on the multi-modular guide without precedent for 1966. Given the mainland distances in India (very nearly 3000 km from North to South and East to West), rail transport could be the less expensive choice for all freight done on both sides and significant distances, particularly if the expense of between modular exchanges could be decreased. 

Containerized multi-modular house-to-house transport gave the best answer for this issue. It was this thought that saw the Indian Rail lines entering the market for moving house-to-house homegrown freight in extraordinary DSO holders beginning in 1966.

Mission of Concor India

The mission of the Organization is-

  • To join its local area accomplices and partners to make CONCOR an Organization of remarkable quality.
  • To give responsive, financially savvy, productive and dependable coordinated factors answers for its clients through collaboration with local area accomplices and guaranteeing benefit and development.
  • The Company must maintain its strong commitment to its social responsibility and demonstrate its worthiness to earn customers’ trust to remain their first choice.
  • To be a company that prioritizes providing value for money to its customers is performance-driven and results-oriented.
  • To amplify useful usage of assets, convey excellent administrations and be perceived as setting the guidelines for greatness.
  • To search continually for new and better ways of offering creative types of assistance. It will go for the gold and fulfillment, gain from its rivals and continually make progress toward greatness.
  • To define quantifiable execution objectives to help the targets and mission of the association and work as an expert, skilled a devoted group for the association to accomplish greatness in every aspect of business and tasks.
  • To uphold the highest standards of business ethics and fulfill social responsibilities as a responsible business entity to add social value to the community as a whole.
  • To strive to uphold high ethical standards and to uphold absolute integrity, honesty, transparency, and fair play in all official dealings.

Domestic Policy By Concor Tracking

Homegrown Arrangement guarantees quick and secure conveyance of packages inside the nation, sticking to severe quality guidelines. Prioritizing reliability and seamless services, they aim for customer satisfaction, ensuring a consistent domestic delivery experience. 

Designed to meet diverse customer needs, their Domestic Policy ensures reliable solutions for shipping requirements.

The Business Partners Strategy frames their obligation to build solid organizations with organizations looking for dependable coordinated operations arrangements. Custom-made to fulfil the exceptional needs of their corporate clients, this arrangement accentuates straightforward correspondence, effective cycles, and cooperative procedures. 

The Business Partners Strategy aims to cultivate long-term relationships, ensuring mutual success through customized logistics support.

Concor India Company’s Volume Rebate Plan is created to offer savvy answers for clients with significant delivery prerequisites. By profiting from this plan, organizations benefit from diminished transportation costs given the volume of their shipments. 

This drive empowers proficiency as well as remunerations of their clients for their obligation to their administrations. The Volume Discount Plan reflects their commitment to providing efficient and flexible logistics solutions for businesses.

Domestic Hub Spoke Streams By Concor

Homegrown Center Spoke Streams are decisively intended to streamline the development of bundles inside the country. With concentrated centres and effective spokes, this organization guarantees speedy and smoothed-out travel, limiting conveyance times. 

Whether it’s metropolitan or distant regions, their Homegrown Center Spoke Streams ensure far-reaching inclusion, associating key areas consistently.

Supplementing their current planned operations system, their Extra Center and Spoke Streams extend their span to oblige developing requests.

By constantly upgrading their centre and talked network, they brace their obligation to versatility and effectiveness, guaranteeing that their clients can depend on their administrations in advancing business scenes.

Their Entryway Conveyance/pick-up administration exemplifies comfort and adaptability for their clients. Whether sending or getting bundles, this assistance wipes out the problem by giving doorstep conveyance and choices. With a promise to efficient arrangements, they focus on client comfort, making the delivery interaction more open.

Frequently Asked Questions By Concor Container Tracking India

How might I follow my compartment’s ongoing area and status?

To screen your holder’s advancement, utilize the special following number given by the strategies organization on their authority site. You can access real-time information about your shipment’s location, estimated arrival time, and any potential delays by entering the number in the designated tracking section.

Is it conceivable to get notices for any reports on my compartment’s process?

Yes, you can settle on notices during the following system. Empower email or SMS cautions to remain informed about significant achievements, like takeoff, appearance, and any unforeseen occasions that might affect the conveyance plan.

What do I do on the off chance that my holder’s following data isn’t refreshing?

On the off chance that the following subtleties are not reviving true to form, hang tight for a sensible time frame as updates might happen occasionally. Assuming the issue continues, contact client service for help with settling any possible disparities.

Can I use the same tracking system to track multiple containers simultaneously?

You can follow various compartments on the double by entering their separate extraordinary numbers in the following stage. This element permits you to screen the advancement of different shipments in a single spot helpfully.

How might I ask about the assessed season of appearance for my compartment?

Use the global positioning framework to get to the assessed season of appearance for your compartment. This data is consistently refreshed, furnishing you with a solid gauge of when your shipment is supposed to arrive at its objective. If you require further subtleties, contact client service for extra help.