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Mumbai+91 22 8657545896 / 5897[email protected]MAYURESH SQUARE, OFFICE NO 1001-1006, Tenth FLOOR ,PLOT: 17, SECTOR 15, CBD BELAPUR, – NAVI MUMBAI, MAHARASHTRA 400614

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CMA CGM Container Tracking

The CMA CGM Gathering’s main goal is to add to feasible globalization through the better-adjusted worldwide exchange that encourages both monetary and social advancement while regarding the trustworthiness of all people and the planet.


CMA CGM assumes a significant part in the worldwide exchange, which is the reason they should establish an incentive for their current circumstances, for their clients and for their staff individuals. 

An aspiration that is worked around five key support points for their Gathering. The foundation of CMA CGM’s growth, which is necessary for their ongoing development, is achieving the right balance and seamless interaction between each of these pillars.


The CMA CGM Group, it’s subsidiary CEVA Logistics, and its airfreight division are all characterized by the complementary nature of shipping and logistics. 

Utilizing their expertise in contract logistics and warehousing, they utilize their shipping, overland, and airfreight services to provide complete transport solutions for all kinds of goods. This organization of administrations empowers them to convey a really multi-purpose approach as well as the need that might arise.

Accelerating Digitalization and Innovation

The CMA CGM Tracking Group intends to accelerate the digital transformation of the transportation and logistics sector by placing research and development, the Internet of Things, artificial intelligence, and blockchain technology at the centre of their innovation processes. 

Their objectives are to come up with smarter, safer solutions and speed up the deployment of user-friendly digital tools that improve the user experience for both their employees and customers and provide a quick return on investment.

Going with THE GROUP’S STAFF Individuals

The 155,000 ladies and men who work consistently to foster their Gathering are their most prominent resource. CMA CGM acts to guarantee their security, work on their prosperity and advance more comprehensive methodologies.

Strength & Values of CMA CGM Shipping Company

The CMA CGM Group has continued to expand ever since it was founded in 1978. Its strength comes from its family aspect, long-term strategic vision, and the expertise of its teams that share a common passion. With regard to their set of experiences and their way of life, they are driven by the qualities that join us. In order to continue their growth and accomplish their goals, they are reaffirming these values today.

The Quest for Greatness in Each Space

They owe it to themselves to constantly strive for excellence at every level of their organization because they are a market leader. one that achieves excellence in interactions with their customers, suppliers, and employees alike, from operational excellence to environmental protection excellence. It is a goal for their group and sets a standard for everyone.

EXEMPLARITY in Each Circumstance

The CMA CGM Group and all of its employees must set an example because of their global presence and pivotal role in driving the global economy. That implies maintaining the best expectations in their day-to-day errands as well as in the essential choices they make.

BRILLIANCE to Constantly Go Above and Beyond

Strength has for some time been one of the Gathering’s fundamental beliefs. It is intrinsic to their pioneering attitude and to their energy for advancement. Strength, which empowers them to arrive at past their cutoff points, never settle and consistently conquer each snag, assumes an essential part in their continuous turn of events.

Key Figures Of CMA CGM Logistics

CMA CGM Tracking operates 257 shipping lines and has 400 offices, 750 warehouses, 155,000 employees, and a large fleet of 593 vessels in 160 countries. It serves 420 of the world’s 521 commercial ports.


  • 160 nations.
  • 400 locations.
  • 155,000 workers.
  • global revenue of $74 billion in 2022).


  • 593 vessels.
  • 420 ports (out of 521 around the world).
  • 257 transportation lines.
  • 22 million TEUs (volume moved).
  • 5 million TEUs (the number of slots in a fleet).


  • 750 storage units
  • 9 million m2 of warehouse space.
  • 2.8 million tons of ground cargo.
  • 0.4 million tons of airfreight.
  • 1.05 million TEUs (the ocean volumes of 3PL and NVO).
  • 429 000 cubic meters LCL.

Cargo Care of CMA CGM

CMA CGM Tracking has an answer for safeguarding your freight, from its starting place through to conveyance, whether it comprises perishables, refrigerated merchandise, drug or fluid products, electronic gadgets, textures and calfskin, or new leafy foods. 

Utilizing digital solutions, their advanced range of cargo containers and their complementary value-added services assist you in meeting environmental requirements. 

Since they have a private comprehension of the difficulties you face in your business, they can go past straightforward transportation administrations and really assist with streamlining your activities and lifting your worth chain.

Maintaining quality

  • Best-Opportunity Solutions for preventing goods from maturing, extending their shelf life, and maintaining their quality.

Expand CMA CGM Company

  • Gears Because your cargo can be shipped over long distances, you can target new markets and train your sights on new distant places.

Keep your Environmental Credentials

  • Hand-EcoThere are no chemical treatments required, allowing you to keep your organic quality label.

Follow food cleanliness norms.

  • Optimize-GraphAvoid contamination by using special container preparations to guarantee that your cargo will continue to be of high quality regardless of the shipping conditions.

CMA CGM Serenity

Certain dangers, however improbable to happen, can in any case harm part or even the entirety of your freight, like windstorms, robbery, fire, stacking or dumping occurrences. 

Additionally, these can have a significant impact on your company, causing supply chain disruptions, costly legal battles to establish liability, and time wastage during the claims process. With their SERENITY cover, you can meet this business challenge because it fits your cargo shipping needs perfectly.

A Single Contact Person

  • Agreement To safeguard the cargo’s value, you no longer need to use a middleman.

Start to Finish Cover

  • Flexibility 2: A wide range of events are covered, and managing your supply chain becomes simpler and less expensive.

Basic and fast cases process

  • Timely: If something goes wrong, you will get your money back within 30 days of filing a claim with us.

Solutions that adapt to Customers’ needs

  • Profile For both oddball and normal shipments.

Flexibility in the supply chain By CMA CGM Logistics

Your company places a high priority on its strategic plan to manage its supply chain. Compelling administration of tasks, transporting streams and freight handling emphatically affect your expenses and your association.

Since your store network is vital for benefit, they give a devoted scope of administrations to make it run as productively as could be expected.

Higher speed

  • Time-speed-cargoOpt for need treatment of your freight all through its excursion to enhance your production network.

Greater Permeability.

  • RouteTrack and screen your freight practically continuously. With their SMART containers, you can always see where your cargo is, when it will get to its next location, and where it will end up.

More Noteworthy Responsiveness

  • Damage-Circles Copy You can respond to a problem by taking action right away.

Natural Administrations Of CMA CGM Container Tracking

They improve and configure the upcoming cargo transport answers for in excess of 70,000 clients around the world. They offer a variety of sustainable transportation options, including ACT with CMA CGM+, to help you reduce and offset your transportation’s carbon footprint.

The Mass Balance Idea serves as the foundation for their solutions: Please watch this video for additional information. They offer Carbon Offset compensation for your residual emissions in addition to solutions to reduce your shipments’ carbon emissions.

Business support

Over the course of more than four decades, they have established themselves as a crucial commercial partner in the process of supporting the expansion and development of businesses by expediting, safely, and effectively transporting every kind of cargo to locations all over the world. 

They can assist you in expanding and becoming more competitive in your markets. To supercharge your business, they are creating esteem-added administrations to help your procedure consistently.

CMA CGM Tracking realizes the opposition is savage in a large portion of your business sectors, and as your business accomplice, they take their help to a higher level and have fabricated a scope of creative administrations uniquely intended to help your business. 

Find out how their services, such as trade finance and digital bills of lading, can improve your productivity and open up new growth opportunities for your company.