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Gurgaon+1-844-215-0640 (For USA)[email protected]
[email protected](For USA)
Sewa Tower, Plot number 19, Sector 18, Maruti Industrial Complex, Udyog Vihar, Gurgaon Gurgaon HR IN 122015

Official Website Link: https://www.cevalogistics.com/en

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Ceva Logistics India

CEVA Coordinated Factors, a world innovator in outsider strategies, gives and works transportation and store network answers for enormous or medium-sized public and global organizations.

The Company CEVA offers a wide scope of start-to-finish, modified arrangements in agreement strategies and air, sea, ground, and completed vehicle transport overall because of its 110,000 representatives, working north of 1,300 offices in excess of 170 nations.

CEVA Coordinated Operations’ accomplished experts centre around flawlessly planning start-to-finish modified answers to meet complex and quickly developing inventory network needs, whatever the business area. CEVA-coordinated factors are essential for the CMA CGM Gathering, a world innovator in delivery and planned operations.

Vision and Mission of Ceva Tracking


Strategies shape the foundation of worldwide exchange and assume an imperative part in all parts of their day-to-day existence.

Considering this, their aspiration is to make CEVA Coordinated Operations an undisputed world-driving reference in the strategy business. By doing what they excel at, they empower organizations to develop and networks to flourish.

CEVA’s clients’ requirements and vital aspirations are at the focal point, everything being equal. In an undeniably eccentric, alterable, perplexing, and dumbfounding world, they make an incentive for their clients by reliably conveying remarkable start-to-finish production network arrangements that answer even their most mind-boggling needs.


As operations specialists, they comprehend that the right, best-fit answers for consistently advancing inventory chains are one of the vital empowering agents for the outcome of their client’s business.

Expanding on an abundance of global skills, neighbourhood expertise, and a groundbreaking mentality, they give the greatest possible level of consideration to making solid, long-haul organizations with their clients. They stand behind their clients. They support them in dealing with their inventory network difficulties and assist them with recognizing useful learning experiences.

Ceva ParcelCore Values


As innovators in their industry, they deserve to participate in an unending mission for greatness at each level of their association. From functional greatness the entire way to greatness in their ecological execution as well as in their collaborations with clients, providers and staff individuals


With their worldwide presence and the key role they play in driving the worldwide economy, they should show others how it is done. That implies maintaining the best expectations in their everyday undertakings as well as in the essential choices they make.


Creative mind to concoct the vehicle and planned operations arrangements representing things to come In a quick world that represents various changes, the capacity to challenge and reexamine oneself and to break new ground is essential, assuming that their gathering is to continue to fill in a supported way. A creative mind should be inseparable from a receptive outlook and the acknowledgement of individuals’ disparities.


Intensity has for quite some time been one of the Gathering’s basic beliefs. It is intrinsic to their pioneering outlook and their enthusiasm for advancement. Strength, which empowers them to arrive past their cutoff points, never to settle, and to defeat each snag, assumes a central role in their continuous turn of events.

Frequently Asked Questions By CEVA Logistics Tracking

What administrations are presented by Ceva Courier India?

Ceva Coordinated Factors India provides a wide variety of production networks and operations administrations, including cargo management, warehousing, and transportation arrangements.

Where is Ceva Operations India settled in India?

The organization’s Indian base camp is situated in Mumbai, Maharashtra.

Do they uphold the online business industry in India?

Indeed, Ceva Strategies India offers services customized to the necessities of the Internet business area, including satisfaction and conveyance.

In which businesses does Ceva Strategies India work?

Ceva Strategies India serves different ventures, for example, auto, medical care, purchaser products, and modern areas.

Is Ceva Coordinated Operations India focused on supportability?

Indeed, Ceva Parcel India has drives set up to lessen its natural effect and advance supportability.

Do they give store network counselling administrations?

Indeed, Ceva Strategies India offers counselling services to assist organizations with enhancing their store network tasks.

Could people or independent ventures at any point get to their administrations?

While fundamentally centered around serving organizations, Ceva Operations India might offer answers for people or more modest ventures in light of explicit prerequisites.

Are customs and financial administrations accessible through Ceva Courier India?

Indeed, they offer traditional financial administrations to work with global exchange.