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Canada Post Office Tracking Consignment Login Status Online is the future shipping option that meets all of your needs. To check all of your cargo shipments, enter the tracking number.

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CITYPhone NumberEmail AddressLocation
Canada1-800-267-1177Not AvailablePO BOX 90022 2701 RIVERSIDE DRIVE OTTAWA ON K1V 1J8

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Canada Post Tracking

They’re energetic about their clients, their workers and the networks they serve. Please find out the qualities and authority ways of behaving that make them the no. 1 bundle conveyance organization in Canada.


They unite through qualities founded on three criteria: personal significance, mutual impact, and contributions to their nation.


  • I procure the trust set in me consistently, and I believe that my security and prosperity are everybody’s first concern.
  • They go about their best responsibilities when they trust one another.
  • They esteem the trust Canadians have in them, and comprehend it is procured with each choice and connection.


  • I comprehend that regard is the groundwork of a fruitful work environment.
  • They regard each other as partners and treat each other as they might want to be dealt with.
  • They regard their nation and the networks they serve and comprehend they must be a positive power for change.


  • I challenge myself to securely convey consistently because what I do matters.
  • They are an organization of individuals, joined by what they achieve and convey together.
  • Conveying a more grounded Canada for Canadians is at the core of what they do.

Vision and Mission of Canada Post Office


  • Leading in postal and package delivery, we connect all of Canada’s regions, ensuring smooth communication and nationwide trade.
  • Embrace mechanical progressions and economic practices to guarantee the drawn-out suitability of Canada Post Office Tracking company’s postal administrations while limiting ecological effects.
  • Encourage trust and unwavering quality by reliably following through on guarantees and keeping up with the protection and security of the mail and bundles shared with them.
  • Add to the prosperity of the Canadian people group by supporting neighbourhood drives, advancing variety and incorporation, and offering back through different local area commitment programs.


  • To give solid and convenient postal and bundle conveyance administrations, guaranteeing that mail and bundles arrive at their destinations securely and safely.
  • Place clients at the centre of their activities, effectively looking for input and persistently working on their administrations to meet their developing necessities and assumptions.
  • Focus on feasible practices by decreasing their natural impression, advancing eco-accommodating choices, and cultivating dependable business tasks.
  • Embrace development and influence state-of-the-art innovation to upgrade the proficiency, exactness, and accommodation of their administrations.
  • Go about as a mindful corporate resident by effectively taking part in local area-building endeavours, advancing variety and consideration, and maintaining the most elevated moral principles in the entirety of their tasks.

Frequently Asked Questions By Canada Post Office Tracking

How might I follow up on my bundle with Canada Post?

You can follow your bundle with Canada Post by entering the following number given to you when you delivered your thing: Basically, visit the Canada Post site or utilize their portable application to enter the following number and get continuous updates on your bundle’s area.

What data will I see when I track my bundle with Canada Post?

When you track your bundle, you will see data, for example, the ongoing status of your shipment, the area of your bundle, the assessed conveyance date, and any pertinent conveyance refreshes.

Is the following accessible for all Canada Post shipments?

The following is accessible for most Canada Post shipments, yet it relies upon the assistance level chosen by the shipper. Administrations like Xpresspost and Need Mail normally incorporate the following, while standard letter mail may not. Check with the shipper for subtleties.

How frequently is the following data refreshed?

Canada Post refreshes the following data routinely as the bundle travels through its organization. You can hope to see refreshes at significant places, for example, when it’s acknowledged at a mail centre, on the way, and out for conveyance.

How would it be a good idea for me to respond if my Canada Post following data doesn’t refresh or my bundle is deferred?

If your following data doesn’t refresh or your bundle is deferred, it’s smart to contact Canada Post’s client care for help. Canada Post Office Tracking can give data about your particular shipment and assist with settling any issues.