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Gandhidham+91 2836-239876-77-78-79[email protected]
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BOM-GIM Corporate House Plot no.133, Sector-8, Gandhidham-Kutch, Gujarat, 370201

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BomGim Courier & Logistics

A little drop then arose into an ocean. Shri Subhash Goyal founded Bom Gim in 1985 with courier services. Over the past three decades, they have established themselves as the top logistical company, consistently delivering on time. They have been able to comprehend customers’ requirements and concerns; thus, they have altered administration accessibility. 

Their administrations are proficient, at serious rates, and reasonable to clients. The company has been addressing the requirements of administrations to clients through streets, rails and air. They use their fleet and vehicles to manage delivery and logistics. They can efficiently make logistical impossibilities possible because they have their wheels. Bom Gim is a sister company with numerous branches and its own offices in every corner of the country and the world.

Bom Gim is one one-stop answer for you to arrive at any corner regardless of whether it includes difficulties and limited by time. Their innovative and novel concepts set them apart from the competition.

Vision and Mission of BomGim

  • To become a leader in the logistics sector. Shortly, they intend to establish connections with people, businesses, and communities to supply a comprehensive logistical solution. To achieve government in India by 2023 by working with coordinated store network arrangement and spotlight on arrangement of start to finish calculated arrangements.
  • To earn the respect and satisfaction of customers. to guarantee that their services are always on time. To offer types of assistance that are genuinely viable for the client’s end. 
  • To work productively by adjusting to top-notch advancements and further developing assets by continually including advancements with the goal that they achieve practical development throughout the long term, consistently.
  • They comprehend that time is cash. Bom Gim Courier Tracking values both your hard-earned money and your valuable time equally. As a result, they have always been able to deliver on time, regardless of the obstacles that may be in their way.
  • They are a supplier of strategic arrangements across the globe. They offer warehousing, manufacturing, and shipping to some of the listed MNCs. From the smallest to the largest delivery services, they proceed.
  • Their services for logistic management and a complete logistic solution are adaptable. Their customers are free to select the kind of service they want.

Bom Gim Courier Tracking Services

It is the transportation of goods over roads, as the name suggests. Having claimed and partnered vehicles, they have the standing to provide brief travel to transportation and conveyance. With the changing times they have refreshed their framework and techniques for working. Since they are generally covering the whole Country, they cover huge number of kilometers to measure up to assumptions of their clients.

They have forever been drawing in themselves with client’s assumptions and give their all to guarantee the most dependable surface help according to the client’s necessity. They have established themselves as one of the most dependable and secure transportation companies and guarantee trouble-free door-to-door delivery thanks to their years of experience and hard work.

The transportation of products through the air will be Airship cargo. It is the quickest method of delivery within the country or abroad. Airship cargo is the most helpful and dependable method of conveyance when you maintain that the transportation of merchandise should be finished in the fastest manner or to meet the earliest deadline.

Worldwide, they provide the most reliable and effective air freight services. With airlines, Bom Gim has all the necessary arrangements and facilities to take goods and deliver them on time anywhere. Their air freight works nonstop, with the greatest conveyance time taking as long as 48 hours to convey your things to you.

BomGim Railway Freight

Bom Gim is notable for the arrangement of railroad cargo administrations. The rail transportation mode is known to be the most affordable and dependable strategy. Because of their partnership with the railways, Bom Gim receives separate storage areas for the delivered goods. Any region of the nation is used to receive the goods.

The merchandise is kept in the same condition as when it was received. Because their experts treat each package as their own, they are protected and safe with them. To handle rail freight, they are appropriately trained. Additionally, they provide you with an effective tracking system so that you can closely monitor the condition of your goods.

Frequently Asked Questions By Bom Gim Courier Tracking

What exactly is Cash-on-demand (COD)?

Bom-Gim provides Cash on Delivery (COD) services, where they deliver your package and collect the payment from the recipient on your behalf.

What is the distinction between real weight and volumetric weight?

Volumetric weight uses an estimated weight derived from the package’s length, width, and height, whereas actual weight is the package’s weight. When shipping a tall item, determine the volumetric package weight by dividing the item’s length, width, and height by 5000.

What exactly is housekeeping?

Shipping and delivering documents and parcels within the customer’s country is known as domestic.

How do I open an account with Logistics?

Please contact their local branch to open a Bom-Gim Logistics account; they will provide you with the best logistics options for your company.