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Ahmedabad+91 79 30286234[email protected]304, 3rd FL, Sakar 1 Opp. Gandhigram Rly. STA, Ashram RD Ahmedabad, Gujarat, 380009, India

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BLPL Singapore PTE LTD

BLPL Singapore Pte Ltd, a piece of Transworld Gathering Singapore, was laid out determined to join the gathering qualities and long periods of involvement with the transportation field to give a solitary stage to take special care of every one of their client’s necessities. 

Its plans of action overall are to work with and associate freight to and from the Indian Subcontinent, South Asia, the Far East, Center East and Upper Bay and East Africa, utilizing Singapore, Port Klang, Colombo and Jebel Ali as transhipment centre points with a developing armada of compartments, covering 106 ports in 26 nations.

  • To be the client’s obvious choice by giving total activities plans through creative and trustworthy help.
  • To progress to a place of solidarity and unmistakable quality in their functional regions at a consistent and mindful rate.
  • Think with clearness and mental strength Showing authoritatively and on time Achieve targets with assurance and certainty.
  • Trust and Straightforwardness. Shared Respect. Quality • Significance. Client Direct.

BLPL’s Services

In the domain of holder transportation, the dry compartment for the most part plays a central work. To transport your entire freight and meet your transportation requirements, BLPL offers a variety of prime conditions and standardizations of dry compartments in a variety of sizes and types.

BLPL has an enormous and present day naval force of Reefers to satisfy your need to move transient items or products requiring temperature controlled environments.

With the perpetual undertakings of creating itself in the field of moving dope holders, BLPL has been one of the most capable overseers of dope compartments primarily in the Indian Sub-body of land, Southeast Asia and Center East.

Their group would verify that every shipment’s freight is moved and conveyed expeditiously, securely, and with new products. They have achieved extraordinary success in creating a niche market for the transportation of transitory freight since establishing their dope business a few years ago.

They are right now viewed as one of the main dope holder administrators, working an armada of more than 3,000 forty-foot compartments to move transient products all through Southeast Asia, the Indian Subcontinent, and intra-South-East Asia.

BLPL will continue to build and expand its dope business in the region by adding more exchange paths in light of the steadily rising dope volumes in Asia as a result of the conscious shift toward sea transportation for perishables.

ISO Tank Arrangements

BLPL offers ISO tank game plans that assist you with getting more useful liquids going by a liberated from any potential damage model. In 2014, BLPL introduced an ISO tank to work in Southeast Asia, the Indian subcontinent, and the Middle East in response to the growing demand for multipurpose transportation.

ISO tanks provide a secure, useful, and harmless ecosystem method for moving mass fluids of both hazardous and non-hazardous varieties. Their specialists might want to provide you with additional expert information about the ISO tank and support you throughout the entire transport procedure at the highest possible standards.

Cargoes can’t generally squeeze into a standard holder since they come in all shapes and sizes. BLPL claims its armada of Open Top and Level Rack holders to satisfy the rising need for Out of Guage (OOG) freight.

Open Tops license cargo to be stacked from the top, particularly suitable for huge cargo like equipment, exhausting and advancement gear, etc. Flatracks are especially fit for profound weights or cargo that requires stacking from the top or sides, similar to lines and equipment.

Frequently Asked Questions By BLPL Singapore Shipping Tracking

How might I look at the situation with my shipment in Singapore?

You can undoubtedly follow your shipment by visiting the authority site or using the assigned entryway.

Is it conceivable to at the same time screen various shipments?

Indeed, the following stage offers instruments to screen different shipments effectively.

Are there any extra expenses for utilizing the following administrations?

No, the following administrations are by and large included as a component of the delivery bundle with no additional charges.

Could I at any point get continuous updates on my shipment?

Indeed, the global positioning framework frequently gives constant updates on the area and status of your shipment.

How would it be advisable for me to respond on the off chance that the following data isn’t refreshing?

Assuming there are delays or no updates, contact client service with your following number for help.

Is there a versatile application for following shipments?

Yes, you might find a portable application helpful in a hurry. Look at the site or application store for accessibility.

Could I at any point change my conveyance address after the shipment is on the way?

Contact client assistance quickly to investigate choices for address changes.