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CITYPhone NoEmail AddressCompany Address
New Delhi011-25892045,011-41419647,011-47320478,011-49069309[email protected]C-200, NARAINA INDUSTRIAL AREA,

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About ATC Tracking

ATC Logistics Solutions Private Limited LTD. is one of the main vehicle organizations in the country with 65 workplaces and 300 objections.

 It is the flagship of the Bijli group, which operates in a variety of industries, including transportation and entertainment.

ATCLS is a company that over the course of six decades has overcome adversity to become India’s oldest and most dependable freight forwarding company.

India experienced political turmoil in the late 1930s. Additionally, this was a time when the nation was still figuring out who it was and what it could do. 

The development of the economy relied heavily on transportation infrastructure. Lala Sain Dass, more commonly referred to as Bijli Pehalwan, stepped in decisively, determined to help.

The business began modestly and provided services to the frontier cities of Peshawar, Rawalpindi, and Lahore.

The company was forced to relocate to the India-side of the subcontinent as a result of the partition of India. It received a national permit for the first time, making it the first transport company in independent India. 

ATCLS took over the entire region, from Kashmir to Kanyakumari and Asansol to Ankleshwar.

By the 1990s, ATC was a national resource that carried 2000 tons per day.

ATC Transport Tracking has grown beyond all expectations, so it would be difficult to compare them to that small outfit in terms of size today. The vision that will propel them to greater heights is what remains.

The Vision of ATC Logistics Tracking

“ATC Transport Tracking will guarantee that any material ATC Logistics Tracking transport will be delivered securely, with the utmost care, and to any location in India.”

 Don’t just talk about trust and dependability; use them to build customer confidence for years to come.

The Mission of ATC Transport Tracking

  • “Providing the best-in-class integrated transport solutions that will assist businesses in seamlessly managing the processes of the supply chain,”
  • Provide innovative, end-to-end integrated transport solutions for a variety of industry verticals with a creative approach.
  • The goal of the Service Mission is to ensure that the right goods are delivered at the right time, to the right place, and at the right cost, each and every time.

Services of ATC Logistics Tracking

General Freight of ATC Tracking

ATC Logistics Solutions Private Limited LTD. handles multi-dimensional cargo with skill, from parcels weighing 5 kilograms to ones that weigh 9 tons and take up an entire truck. Examples of ATC’s quickness and efficiency? 

Parcels travelling from Delhi to Chandigarh and back arrive by 11 a.m. the following day. On the Delhi-Gurgaon-Delhi route, parcels arrive on the same day. Delhi – Amritsar course that very day, Delhi — Bombay within 72 hours, Delhi-Calcutta in 96 hours, i.e Overall Cargo even they are the quickest. 

Additionally, ATC Courier now offers the quickest “EXPRESS FREIGHT” service.

Express Freight

This door-to-door service is quicker than sending packages via air, especially over short distances (by low air freight, a cooling period of 24 hours must be served). This service is currently available on nearly all of their routes.

Project Freight

ATC LOGISTICAL SOLUTIONS PVT specialists LTD. move heavy equipment from factories to project locations: wherever they may be: dams, flyovers, power plants, industrial estates. off the beaten path or on major roads.

Customised Freight

Solutions are made specifically for special and fragile cargo, automobiles, construction, engineering, mining, electronics, fashion, textiles, pharmaceuticals, medical equipment, glass, paper, publishing, printing, and tradeshow materials. transport that requires extra care.

ATC Tracking Approach

24×7 service network

ATC Logistics Tracking has 65 critical spare parts stored at each of their hubs, rigorous maintenance practices, vehicle inspections by service engineers after every trip, strict adherence to service schedules through automation and system alerts, and service engineers and technicians spread out across the country in their hubs.

Team of experts in documentation

The documentation control team at Atc makes certain that their trucks move with all necessary documents. Trip records are automatically generated and accessible electronically throughout their network.

Effective crisis management systems

Any crisis can be dealt with in a systematic manner thanks to an on-the-ground quick response team, appropriate escalation systems, and support infrastructure.

ATC Tracking makes supply chains more efficient, dependable, and affordable.

  • 50% + decrease in conveyance times
  • 95% + network unwavering quality
  • Diminished cost of store network (lower wastages, lesser returns and stock expense)

The aforementioned are provided by them while ATC Logistics Tracking make

  • ATC Tracking drivers sleep on time and put safety first. 
  • They offer customized solutions for full truck loads, part truck loads, single haul, reverse haul, and multiple truck types. 
  • They have a network across India that reaches over 95 cities.