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AKR Parcel Service Contact Number

CITYPhone NumberEmail AddressCompany Address
Salem (Head Office)0427 222 5555[email protected]SY No. 104, Siddar Kovil Fundamental Street, Kandampatty bye-pass, Salem – 636005

Official Website Link: https://akrexpress.com/

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AKR Express


Right from the start, innovators. In their industry at the time, basic amenities like overnight operations, door delivery, door pick-up, and 100 per cent container vehicles were uncommon.

By putting these facilities into place on Day 1, AKR Parcel led the industry in the right direction. AKR was likewise the primary in the business to present SMS Cautions and SMS Following.

AKR Company TEAM

Their team has received extensive training and is highly motivated to serve their customers. Respect is shown to all of the organization’s employees, regardless of their cadre. 

This provides them with a feeling of having a place and impels a culture of regard, that hence reflects during their connection with their Clients.

AKR Parcel Tracking


To avoid delays and increase productivity, they constantly streamline their procedures. The quick turnaround time is consistently maintained and improved as a result of this constant tweaking.


Guaranteeing the well-being of your products is among their first concerns. They use 100% container-bodied vehicles, well-sheltered transhipment yards, a quick tracing mechanism, and periodic training and education on proper goods handling to give their customers peace of mind.


All of their systems are made to make it easy, quick, transparent, and proactive for customers to move from booking to delivery without having to contact them. 

However, if they do need to contact them, their helpful customer service team will promptly address their concerns.


Never prioritizing profits over the needs of an honest customer is ingrained in their DNA. They genuinely comprehend the benefit of acquiring the Trust of their Clients. Professionalism and accountability guide their approach to each circumstance.

AKR LR Tracking


To simplify life by putting safe, on-time deliveries first every time!


They have made investments over the years to build a sturdy infrastructure with a lot of attention to detail and long-term plans. 

With confidence, their customers trust them to deliver their products; and carry on concentrating on what is important to them.


When it comes to decreasing complaints, which are already at commendable levels, they intend to surpass their previous performance. 

AKR Tracking earlier year’s accomplishment turns into a benchmark for the ongoing year, and they have been effectively decreasing grievances, for many years.

AKR Parcel Service



  • At each of their locations, they offer door-to-door delivery services.
  • Please inform the booking clerk at the time of booking the shipment that you would like a “Door Delivery.”


  • Get an SMS confirmation of your reservation and delivery on autopilot.
  • Please provide the mobile numbers of both the sender and the recipient when booking the shipment so that you can take advantage of this feature.


  • Send an SMS with the format “AKR space>LRnumber” to 93554 92200 to see the most recent status of your shipment.
  • This facility will be especially useful in areas with poor data connectivity and limited network coverage.


  • In most of their stations, they offer next-day delivery.
  • For more specific information, please check at the time of booking or contact their customer service.


  • Digital payments are accepted at all of their stations.
  • Using a UPI id, payments can be made digitally through any of the digital payment gateway apps, such as Google Pay or Amazon Pay.

AKR Tracking


  • Apportioned products.
  • cylinders of gas.
  • Sandalwood.
  • Goods are made from trees.
  • Cardamom.
  • Cloves.
  • Other items that are stolen.
  • Khanja.
  • Liquor.
  • Spirit.
  • Acid.
  • Countryside drugs
  • Kadukkai.
  • Jaggery.
  • RTX.
  • Stick of Jellastin.
  • Phosphorus.
  • Uranium.
  • Explosives.
  • Crackers.
  • Boxes of matches
  • Other things that can burn.
  • Weapons.
  • Bullets.
  • The government has outlawed all other products.