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Air Canada Tracking India

Air Canada Cargo is an award-winning supplier of air freight transportation services. They are Canada’s biggest air freight supplier as estimated via freight limit, with a presence in the north of 50 nations and self-took care of centre points in Montreal, Toronto, Vancouver, Chicago, London, and Frankfurt. 

They interface north of 450 urban communities across six mainlands with non-stop flights and hundreds of additional courses through their interline and shipping organizations.

Air Canada will be Canada’s biggest aircraft, the nation’s banner transporter, and an establishing individual from Star Union, the world’s most exhaustive air transportation organization. Air Canada gives planned traveller administration straightforwardly to 51 air terminals in Canada, 51 in the US, and 88 globally. 

History of Air Canada Cargo


At the point when Trans-Canada Aircrafts (TCA) conveyed its absolute first gathering of travellers to Seattle from Vancouver on Sept. 1, 1937, the sacks of mail on board addressed the start of Air Canada Cargo Tracking. In something like two years of that flight, TCA laid out freight and mail administrations between Vancouver, Winnipeg, Edmonton, Lethbridge, Toronto, Ottawa, and Montreal.


By 1946, the aircraft was dealing with freight under two lines of administration: ” Air Express” for little shipments and “Airship cargo” for mass shipments.


At the point when TCA rebranded as Air Canada in 1965, cargo traffic was all the while climbing, and as well as securing new vessels, the organization multiplied the size of its Toronto freight centre. Air Canada likewise turned into the principal carrier to offer a dependable global little bundle administration known as “Expedair”.


Air Canada Freight was laid out.


Air Canada Freight was Canada’s biggest supplier of air freight transportation administrations as estimated via freight limit, with a presence in more than 50 nations and centre points in Montreal, Toronto, Vancouver, Chicago, London, and Frankfurt.

Vision, Mission and Core Values of Air Canada


To be the worldwide forerunner in freight following arrangements, changing how products are checked and overseen in the air transportation industry. They imagine a future where consistent permeability, accuracy, and unwavering quality characterize the development of freight, improving proficiency and trust for their clients.


At Air Canada Cargo Tracking, their main goal is to give state-of-the-art following and strategies arrangements that enable organizations to advance their stockpile chains. 

They are focused on conveying constant, start-to-finish permeability, guaranteeing the protected and ideal conveyance of freight, while persistently advancing to surpass client assumptions. Their committed group is driven by greatness, dependability, and a persistent quest for administration greatness.

Core Values


  • They focus on their client’s necessities and fulfillment regardless of anything else. They effectively tune in, adjust, and improve to give arrangements that upgrade their freight following experience.


  • They are committed to conveying dependable following administrations. They maintain their commitments and guarantee the security, security, and opportune conveyance of freight.


  • The Company Air Canada Cargo Tracking embraces change and cultivates a culture of development. They continually look for new innovations and methodologies to further develop their following arrangements and fulfill advancing industry needs.


  • They work with the most elevated moral guidelines, keeping up with straightforwardness and genuineness in the entirety of their communications with clients, accomplices, and partners.


  • They put stock in the force of joint effort. They work intimately with their clients, accomplices, and representatives to accomplish shared objectives and drive achievement.


  • They are focused on limiting their natural impression and advancing supportability in the air freight industry by embracing eco-accommodating practices and advancements.


  • They set elevated requirements, constantly learn and improve, and invest heavily in conveying remarkable freight following administrations.

Frequently Asked Questions By Air Canada Cargo Tracking

How might I follow my freight with Air Canada Freight Following?

You can follow your freight by visiting their site and entering your shipment’s following number in the assigned field. Their continuous global positioning framework will give you the most recent notices.

Is Air Canada Freight Following accessible every minute of every day?

Yes, their freight following administrations are accessible day in and day out. You can really look at the situation with your shipment whenever, day or night, for your benefit.

How frequently is the following data refreshed?

They endeavour to give continuous updates to your freight. Be that as it may, the recurrence of updates might differ depending upon the particular phase of the shipment and its area. Have confidence, they work to keep you educated as your freight advances.

How would it be advisable for me to respond assuming that I experience issues or disparities in my freight following data?

In the event that you experience any issues or notice disparities in your freight following data, if it’s not too much trouble, contact their committed client assistance group right away. Air Canada Cargo Tracking will help you in settling any worries and guarantee the exactness of your shipment’s following information.