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Phone Number+91353-2560049, +917063513002
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Company Address90, Phears Lane, 4th Floor, Room No. 406, Near Silpa Bhawan, Kolkata-700012 (W.B.)

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Shree Shyam Roadlink Pvt Ltd

Laid out by Mr Nathmal Sharma, who has north of 40 years of involvement in transportation benefits, their coordinated factors organization has developed from an ownership firm into a confidential restricted element starting around 2011. With a solid monetary establishment, broad foundation, gifted labour force, and a strong business foundation, they are exceptional in meeting different strategic necessities. The advertisers of the organization have model business and monetary skills, improving their capacity to offer first class types of assistance. 

Their obligation to quality is faithful. They accept that normalized processes are critical to limiting mistakes and keeping up with the high assistance guidelines they are famous for. Understanding client prerequisites is the foundation of their activities, permitting them to fit coordinated factors bundles to address explicit issues. Their splendid staff guarantees that each assistance is conveyed with accuracy and care. Regardless of their adherence to normalized strategies, they remain exceptionally versatile, adaptable, and receptive to any progressions that might emerge in day to day activities. 

This flexibility, combined with their basic beliefs, frames the groundwork of their client connections. The initiative group, containing Mr Shiv Kumar Sharma, Mr Kapil Sharma, and Mr Aakash Sharma, drives their obligation to greatness. Their operations benefit from cutting-edge technology, supported by a team of dynamic IT professionals. Customized online software ensures seamless business activities. Their diverse fleet handles various types of cargo, ensuring continuous and timely transportation nationwide. Services include Full Truck Load (FTL), Part Load (LPT), and Retail Appointments. This setup guarantees efficient logistics management and customer satisfaction.

Their vision encompasses diverse client needs, from small to large projects, focusing on northeastern India. They aim for prosperity, driven by quality individuals and collaborative efforts. Comprehensive, reliable, fast, secure services, timely and cost-efficient, embodying corporate philosophy.


Fleet Services

They brag about different organization vehicles and related vehicles devoted to fulfilling all clients’ necessities all throughout the country. Their armada incorporates:

6 wheeler 1109 (including container body): 210.

6 wheeler 1613: 345.

10 wheeler 2518: 195.

12 wheeler 3118: 220.

This different armada guarantees that they can deal with an extensive variety of transportation necessities effectively and dependably. 

Full Truck Load Services

One of their most grounded suits is giving full truckload transportation administrations all through the country.

Retail Booking Services

They offer retail reserving administrations from the Western zone toward the Northeastern zone. This area is reliably developing, with the organization guaranteeing convenient conveyance of products. Their obligation to unwavering quality and effectiveness settles on them confided in the decision for retail appointments. 

Tea Booking Services

They have fostered areas of strength for an enhanced organization for the transportation of tea from northeastern states to different pieces of the country. Appropriate warehousing and stacking offices are given by various branches across the country, guaranteeing the tea arrives at its objective in ideal condition. 

Warehousing Services

Perceiving that warehousing is a fundamental prerequisite for their clients, they give thorough warehousing administrations. The business construction of any transportation organization relies intensely upon the proficiency and adequacy of its warehousing capabilities. 

Their stockrooms are situated in Siliguri, Guwahati, Ahmedabad, Indore, Jaipur, Mumbai, Amritsar, Jodhpur, Surat, Vapi, and other key areas. An affiliated business’ stockroom in Siliguri at Eastern Detour covers a complete plot area of 3.25 lac sq. feet, with a covered area of 1.25 lac sq. feet. Furnished with present day offices, this distribution centre addresses client issues without limit. They intend to expand their warehousing administrations all through the country later on.