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Dubai+971 435 48 333 [email protected]Sharaf Travel Building, 3rd Floor, Office No. 304, Khalid Bin Waleed Road (Near Burjuman Metro Exit No. 1) P.O. Box.111265 Dubai, United Arab Emirates 

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United Africa Feeder Line

United Africa Feeder Line, or UAFL, was established in 2000 as a regional feeder service in Africa. Since then, it has grown to become a major Indian Ocean regional carrier. It has fostered a huge organization of close binds and associations with the conspicuous neighbourhood, provincial and worldwide transporters and work administrations from Center East, the Indian Subcontinent, Far East, South Africa and Europe toward the East Shoreline of Africa and the Indian Sea Islands.

The gatherings laid out the Port of Mutsamudu on the Island of Anjouan as UAFL’s key parcel centre point in the area dealing with holders to and from the Far East, Europe and the Bay, the Indian Subcontinent, Get-together, Mauritius, Madagascar, Mozambique and South Africa.

UAFL evolved from a small feeder serving remote coastal ports to a leading regional carrier. Its transportation fleet includes multi-purpose, self-sustaining, geared vessels for versatile cargo transport. Capabilities include handling hazardous cargo, heavy-lift projects, containers, and break bulk shipments.

Providing global access to Southern and East African coasts and the Indian Ocean Islands. Achieved through a diverse fleet, UAFL is a major player in regional and international shipping. UAFL’s growth is testament to its adaptability and proficiency in the dynamic shipping industry.

UAFL provides a comprehensive network, linking Islands and East African coast to global destinations. Key regional centers connect Europe, Far East, Americas, Middle East, and Indian Subcontinent. A specialist in shipping within the Indian Ocean, serving East and Southern Africa and Islands.

UAFL tailors services and rotations to meet specific customer requirements, enhancing global supply chains. The unique ability to customize services adds strategic value to global supply chain operations. UAFL facilitates shipping goods globally, contributing to the dynamic and interconnected Indian Ocean trade.

UAFL Shipping Missions

UAFL’s current status as East Africa’s and the Indian Ocean Islands’ premier feeder service is maintained by their team’s constant development of specialized, high-quality solutions. They can guarantee steady consumer loyalty through direct exchanges, proficiency, cutthroat rates, esteem added developments and persistent movement.

Linking Indian Ocean Islands and East African coast, their vessels offer access to global markets. Valuing adaptability, they make swift decisions to meet evolving customer expectations in the dynamic shipping environment.

Aiming to serve a unique clientele from remote areas, navigating challenges in complex environments. Thriving in challenging climates, they possess extensive knowledge of African market intricacies through dedicated professionals. Overcoming constraints, their committed team ensures success by understanding and meeting African market needs.

Frequently Asked Questions By UAFL Shipping Tracking

According to the information provided, where is the primary transportation hub for parcels in the region?

The essential bundle centre point framed in the data is the Port of Mutsamudu on the Island of Anjouan. This centre fills in as a significant focus taking care of holders to and from different districts like the Far East, Europe, the Bay, the Indian Subcontinent, Gathering, Mauritius, Madagascar, Mozambique, and South Africa.

Which districts does the transportation line interface inside the given subtleties?

The delivery line interfaces the Islands and the East African coast with major worldwide objections like Europe, the Far East, the Americas, the Center East, and the Indian Subcontinent. This is worked with through decisively finding package places inside the area.

What kinds of freight could the armada of vessels at any point deal with?

The armada of vessels worked by the delivery line is multi-reason, self-maintaining, and equipped. It can ship a different scope of freight, including risky materials, weighty lift extraordinary undertaking shipments, compartments, and break mass.

Based on the provided data, how has the shipping line developed over time?

At first settled as a local feeder administration in Africa in 2000, the delivery line has developed into a significant Indian Sea territorial transporter. It has extended its tasks from serving distant seaside ports to turning into a main local delivery line with a worldwide reach.

What is the mission of the delivery line, according to the subtleties given?

The mission rotates around keeping up with the transportation line’s status as East Africa’s and the Indian Sea Islands’ head feeder administration. This is accomplished by continuously developing specialized, high-quality solutions that guarantee customer satisfaction, efficiency, competitive rates, value-added innovations, and progress toward meeting changing customer expectations in the dynamic environment of the shipping industry.