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Merchant Courier Contact Number

CITYCONTACT NOEmail AddressCompany Address
New Delhi011-29258673 29259976,46067463, 011-29254774[email protected]
[email protected]
370-A/1, CHIRAG DELHI, New Delhi (New Delhi) 110017

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About Merchant Courier

Merchants Courier Private Limited, which was founded in 1993, is the leading courier company in India. It delivers a wide range of express goods and services to more than 1400 locations in the country.

Merchants Courier is the fastest, most dependable, full-service, time-critical courier company with headquarters in New Delhi. 

Their services include door-to-door and “Next flight available” air services as well as airfreight, messenger, same-day, overnight, distribution, ground, and rail logistic services that are available around the clock, 365 days per year. 

Shippers Messenger ensures 24 hour conveyance to all significant urban communities of India in its express mode and a 48 to 72 hours conveyance plan for level 2 and 3 urban areas.

Through high-quality processes, innovative systems, and responsive customer service, Merchant Courier Tracking strives to provide value-added services. 

The objective is to provide a service that is simple to use and adaptable, as well as the highest levels of customer service and contentment.

Merchant’s competitive advantages include:

  • A track record of completing large, mission-critical projects from beginning to end.
  • Long haul client relations.
  • A significant domestic footprint.
  • Excellent quality.
  • Individual client-specific strategic focus.
  • Teams with strong management and operation.

Merchant Tracking Services

Express Services

The term “Express Services” refers to a premium-priced expedited delivery option that guarantees faster delivery.

This is a guaranteed overnight service that provides tracking, proof of delivery, special infrastructure for connecting and releasing loads at airports, and special delivery executives for keeping delivery schedules in check.

It is a pick-up and delivery arrangement that is pre-scheduled so that important documents and packages can be delivered in the early hours of the day. 

It makes the most of both public and private airlines and a seamless multimode network that connects to the last mile.

Couriers That Deliver The Same Day

Delivery by same-day couriers takes less than 24 hours and is an essential component of any modern economy. 

Merchant Tracking gives same-day conveyance benefits interestingly intended to meet explicit individual client need.

The cargo will be released by a separate team and immediately delivered to the consignee by a messenger without delay. 

Consignments between major cities like MUMBAI, DELHI, CHENNAI, KOLKATA, BANGALORE, HYDERABAD, PUNE, and AHMEDABAD will be delivered within 18 hours of booking the consignment.

 The pickup, airline connection, and delivery of the consignment happen anytime, anywhere.

Merchant delivery services provide same-day courier services even in two-tier cities where Direct Airline connection facilities are available.

Merchant Courier Tracking offer courier services on the same day for manufacturing companies that need parts to keep their plants running smoothly. Every day, numerous documents are transferred between processing centres and branches of financial institutions. 

Pharmaceutical distributors use same-day courier services to transport urgent medical equipment and medications for hospital and nursing home emergencies, and law firms must deliver confidential signature documents within very tight deadlines for court filings.

Merchant Tracking Direct Mailing

Mass mailers are a splendid type of promotion. a growing number of businesses; Both large and small businesses are realizing the value of mass mailing in cultivating relationships with customers.

Mail is a precise and personal method of marketing that can be used to reach businesses (Business-to-Business) or consumers (Business-to-Consumer).

It’s one of the best ways for customers to effectively market their goods or services.

With over 90% proof of delivery arrangements, their rates for bulk mailing activities will be lower than those of express couriers by less than 50%.

The most efficient method of communication is bulk mailing during product launches, annual general meetings, invitations to events and exhibitions, and keeping customers informed about new services and products.

For bulk mailers, merchant delivery services also offer services for stuffing, labelling, pinning, and pasting.

Rail Road

Your delivery is in good hands thanks to their extensive use of Indian railways, dedicated fleet of vehicles, trained drivers and loaders, and their own infrastructure with web tracking facilities and knowledgeable sales tax handling staff.

  • A 24-hour, 365-day-a-year, all-express transportation service.
  • State-of-the-art innovation supporting web track and follow with consistent internet-based transfer checking.
  • Mobile-equipped vehicles and hub reporting are provided in all of their major hubs across the nation.
  • Staff who speak multiple languages.
  • Price transparency.
  • Regular transportation to major cities and a dedicated vehicle for specific routes, as requested by customers

Merchant Courier Tracking International

Merchants International provides comprehensive air freight services to every nation in the world. 

Because their airfreight, road freight, and import services are all independent, merchant delivery services can choose from their network of specialist carriers the most dependable and cost-effective method of shipping your items. Merchant Tracking provides the best services worldwide.

Merchant Courier Tracking Worldwide Airfreight offers one of the most different scopes of administrations, with worldwide inclusion intended for outrageous time-touchy shipments and for remarkable things, for example, significant burden transfers requiring earnest conveyance.

Their functional leaders are specialists in dealing with customs-related methods which assist us with conveying the transfer in time bound way.