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City of IndustryLoc: (626) 956 5388 Intl: (+1) 626 956 5388[email protected]17651 Railroad St., City of Industry, California 91746, US

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ECMS Global Tracking

Established in 2013, ECMS Logistics is an international logistics company driven by technology. They have developed a comprehensive international cross-border logistics solution over time by combining their extensive expertise in international logistics services with competitive market rates. Contract logistics, end-to-end international air express, international freight forwarding, and other customer-focused value added services are among their offerings.

The well-established its service network operates in mainland China, Hong Kong, Singapore, the United States, the United Kingdom, Europe, South Korea, and Japan, serving the world’s most important trade markets. It offers a customer-focused solution, including customized IT integration to manage and implement a total supply chain solution tailored to business and IT requirements. The company achieves this through its in-house proprietary intelligent logistics system and integrated customs systems.

International Standard ECMS Express

When urgent shipments need to cross borders, International Standard Express services are a quick and dependable option. Utilizing an extensive network and effective logistics, this service ensures the on-time delivery of documents and packages worldwide.

International Standard Express prioritizes speed and accuracy for urgent deliveries, meeting global standards for excellence. Real-time tracking and dedicated support enhance the shipping experience, simplifying global connections for documents and packages.

International Freight Forwarding

International freight forwarding is a comprehensive logistics solution that makes it easier to move goods across borders in an effective manner. This service ensures the smooth movement of shipments worldwide thanks to expertise in customs regulations, documentation, and transportation.

International freight forwarding links businesses globally, managing large volumes and specialized goods for seamless cross-border solutions. Focused on reliability and compliance, this service contributes to the success and expansion of global commerce.

Services for warehousing and supply chain management are crucial parts of a logistics network that is effective and responsive. The strategic storage and distribution of goods, optimization of inventory management, and order fulfillment are all components of these services.

Businesses can use these services to adapt to changing customer demands, shorten lead times, and scale operations. Designed to simplify logistics, these services offer cost-effective solutions—from order processing to inventory storage. Warehousing and Supply Chain Management enhance business success, focusing on accuracy, dependability, and timely delivery.” “In today’s global marketplace, these services contribute to business competitiveness with a dynamic approach and efficiency.

Frequently Asked Questions By ECMS Express Shipping Tracking

How much does shipping with ECMS cost?

The weight of your package and its delivery destination will determine the cost of your order. When placing an online order, the receiving location calculates the estimated weight of the item before shipping. Subsequently, the item undergoes weighing to establish the final price.

Why is the consignee required to pay taxes and customs duties?

It will collect any fees, duties, and taxes from the consignee before sending your shipment out. ECMS will require the consignee to pre-pay any costs arising during the shipment’s transit.

Is it possible to send a package without giving a copy of my identification for customs clearance?

To complete customs clearance, it must collect identification for each order. It adheres to all GDPR data protection principles and is committed to providing a safe and secure environment.

 Is it necessary for me to provide the dimensions and weight of my package?

To ensure a speedy delivery, your package must be the right weight and size. ECMS will adjust the pricing based on the most recent measurements of your shipment’s size.

 When I placed my order, how soon could I expect to receive my package?

The ECMS Shipping delivery service agreement determines when your package will arrive.