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Mumbai+91 22 69414444/71258125[email protected] / [email protected]1401, 14th Floor, B Wing, C/66 G Block ONE BKC, Bandra Kurla Complex Bandra East, Mumbai 400 051, India

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Malca-Amit remains as a worldwide forerunner in giving unmatched strategic answers for the extravagance merchandise industry, high-total assets people, and global banks. Their team of experts, which includes experts in logistics, security, customs, and special operations, ensures that each client receives a flawless service that is tailored to their specific requirements. It has become synonymous with trust, dependability, and efficiency in the global transportation of valuable assets thanks to its dedication to excellence.

Vision of MalcaAmit

  • It imagines making a reality where the extravagance products industry and high-total assets people experience easy and secure worldwide network.
  • Be the front pioneers in security, guaranteeing outright genuine serenity for clients during exceptional occasions and transportation of important resources.
  • Lay out and keep up with decisively found, exceptionally got storerooms internationally, perceived as market pioneers.
  • To improve the security and efficiency of their logistical services, constantly embrace and implement cutting-edge technology.
  • Ensure safe and quick transportation by maximizing global capabilities for the diamond, jewellery, and watch industries.
  • Execute special events worldwide in complete secrecy, giving security and luxury a top priority.
  • Offer market-driving, exceptionally got storerooms decisively situated all over the planet.
  • Embrace innovation to give quick, thorough, and secure house to house assortment and conveyance administrations around the world.


Precious Stones and Adornments Operations

Global leader in secure logistics, ensuring safe, efficient transport for diamond and jewelry industries worldwide. From overnight secured delivery to comprehensive third-party logistical services, their international network and capabilities meet these industries’ specific needs.

Operation Special

It ensures outright genuine serenity for the security, strategies, and functional execution of extraordinary occasions around the world. Global security experts provide unparalleled optional assistance, prioritizing luxury and security in every operation.


Its profoundly gotten storage spaces, decisively found universally, are perceived as market pioneers. Their facilities ensure the highest level of security for valuable assets, whether they are in free trade zones or important cities like Bangkok, Hong Kong, London, New York, Shanghai, Singapore, Toronto, and Zurich.

Compelling artwork Planned operations

They guarantee the safe transportation of fine art globally through comprehensive, quick, and secure door-to-door services. Their expertise ensures prompt and secure delivery, whether through overnight secure delivery or hand-carry courier services.

Innovation Driven Coordinated factors

Embracing innovation, it gives quick, thorough, and secure house to house assortment and conveyance administrations around the world. Whether it’s for the time being secure conveyance, secure conveyance from assortment to the air terminal, air terminal get to the last objective, or hand-convey dispatch benefits, our mechanical headways upgrade the wellbeing and proficiency of the operations cycle.

Frequently Asked Questions By Malca Amit Courier Tracking

How safe are the storage facilities of it?

It storerooms are perceived as market pioneers in security. They offer an unparalleled level of protection for valuable assets because they are globally strategically located and highly secured.

What separates it in the precious stone and gems coordinated operations industry?

Focused on providing the highest quality secure logistical solutions, they ensure the safe and efficient transportation of valuable assets. Their international network and capabilities meet the specific requirements of the diamond, jewelry, and watch industries.

How does it guarantee privacy and safety at special events?

Its team of specialists in international security and special operations prioritizes luxury and safety at every stage of the security, logistics, and operational execution of special events worldwide.

Is it possible for it to transport fine art?

Yes, their quick, complete, and secure house to house assortment and conveyance administrations ensure the protected transportation of artistic work around the world. From short-term secure conveyance to hand-convey dispatch administrations, they guarantee the assurance and convenient conveyance of important craftsmanships.

How does it use innovation in planned operations?

It uses technology to offer door-to-door collection and delivery services that are quick, complete, and safe all over the world. Their technological advancements make the logistics process safer and more effective, giving customers a variety of choices to choose from based on their requirement.