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Ahmedabad07926403461 /26403462 /26403469[email protected] / [email protected]403/404, Vedant Complex, Kalpana Colony, Navrangpura ( Behind Ganesh Plaza ) Ahmedabad – 380001

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CP World Lines Pvt Ltd

They got going during the pinnacle of the downturn in 2008 when the majority of the financial backers had been attempting to safeguard their riches. This demonstrates how much they trust the C P World Group.

A strong framework, superb organization of workplaces and partners, powerful freight global positioning framework, and work-power of more than 400 profoundly prepared, proficient and roused faculty gives them, the solidarity to make incomprehensible, conceivable.

Weekly Groupage Services are provided by them to 51 ports and 1100 destinations worldwide. Their import administrations are worked ex 500 starting points utilizing 21 parcel centers.

Administrations presented by them incorporate NVOCC, LCL administrations Around the world, Deconsolidation, CFS Activities, Parcel, Reinforced Transportation, Warehousing, Coordinated factors and Undertaking Freight Development.

It has come a long way since its beginning under the capable direction and administration of its fiery chiefs. The directors have worked in shipping for more than two decades. Today, C P World India has an organization of 17 workplaces.

They offer, worldwide NVOCC administrations at sensible cargo levels, brilliant travels and treatment of freight through the committed organization of their own workplaces and proficient abroad specialists. Their track and follow framework assists them with giving shipment subtleties at a tick of the button.

C P World Group excels in Indian traffic, trusted by traders for seamless LCL and FCL cargo delivery. Renowned in the Indian market, their commitment ensures excellent service for total customer and partner satisfaction.

C P World upholds absolute responsibility in assigned roles, fostering trust and collaboration for success. Client trust, collaboration, and adherence to responsibilities play a key role in C P World’s success.

Frequently Asked Questions By CP World Group Tracking

How did it explore and flourish during the 2008 slump in the monetary business sectors?

It established itself during the financial crisis of 2008 by demonstrating trustworthiness and resilience in difficult circumstances.

What compels its framework and labour force to hang out in the strategies business?

It features a reliable infrastructure, global offices, advanced freight tracking, and 400+ skilled professionals.

What are the vital elements of the Week after week Groupage Administrations given by it around the world?

It offers Week after week Groupage Administrations to 51 ports and 1100 objections universally, using an organization that traverses 21 bundle habitats.

What extensive strategies and administrations does It offer, and how would it take care of different industry needs?

Deconsolidation, CFS Activities, Parcel, Reinforced Transportation, Warehousing, Coordinated Factors, and Project Freight Development are all examples of services.

How does it separate itself in the delivery business, and what is its obligation to consumer loyalty?

Under the experienced initiative, works 17 workplaces and furnishes global NVOCC administrations with serious cargo rates, effective travel times, and a solid track and follow framework. The organization is devoted to guaranteeing consumer loyalty through responsibility and coordinated effort.