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Turkish Airlines Customer Service

CITYPhone NumberEmail AddressCompany Address
Istanbul+90 212 444 0 849 (domestic) – 0 850 333 0849 (International)[email protected]Turkish Airlines Inc, General Management Building, Ataturk Airport, Yesilkoy 34149 Istanbul, Turkey

Official Website Link: https://www.turkishcargo.com/en

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Turkish Airlines Tracking

Turkish Cargo, the world’s fastest-growing air cargo brand with service to 132 countries, has been transporting air cargo for Turkish Airlines, the “rising star” of Türkiye, since 1933.

The Company Turkish Freight got the “Air Freight Transporter of the Year” at the global air freight grants in 2022.

Working with the aeroplane armada, comprising 437 aeroplanes, of Turkish Carriers, their banner transporter, Turkish Freight offers air freight administration to more than 340 objections around the world. Turkish Cargo has committed to operating direct flights to 150 destinations and doubling the amount of carried tonnage by 2033, aiming to transform Istanbul, the hub of air cargo traffic, into a global logistics hub.

Upon the kickoff of Istanbul Air terminal, the Super Center, Türkiye has turned into another anchor point for the worldwide air traffic. SMARTEST, the uber centre of Turkish Freight and the worldwide planned operations community, will have a freight arranging limit of 4 million tons on a yearly premise upon the consummation of the Stage 2, because of its area of 340.000 square meters.

Turkish Cargo raises the bar for air cargo transportation by ensuring sustainable growth through high-quality infrastructure, operational capabilities, fleet, and staff members. Under its vision for 2028, the company is committed to ranking among the top three air cargo brands worldwide.

Turkish Cargo Services

Logistics for pharmaceuticals

Their particular help guarantees the protected and ideal transportation of drug merchandise, keeping up with the trustworthiness and security of touchy clinical supplies.

Live Creatures Coordinated operations

Trust TK Live for the sympathetic and dependable vehicle of live creatures. They focus on their prosperity, utilizing industry-driving norms for their protected excursion.

New Produce Operations

TK New ensures the newness of your short-lived products. From ranch to table, their proficient strategies guarantee the quick conveyance of your new produce.

Medical services Items Coordinated factors

They handle healthcare products with the utmost care and precision at TK Care. Critical medical supplies are delivered promptly and safely by their dedicated service.

Significant Freight Coordinated operations

With regards to significant freight, trust TK Important for a protected and secret transportation arrangement. They focus on the security and trustworthiness of your high-esteem shipments.

Cargo Logistics insecure

TK Defenseless represents considerable authority in the fragile treatment of delicate freight.

Dispatch Administrations

For quick and effective messenger administrations, go to TK Dispatch. They focus on speed and unwavering quality, guaranteeing your bundles arrive at their objective sooner rather than later.

Frequently Asked Questions By Turkish Cargo Airlines Tracking

How can I track my shipment of pharmaceuticals?

To follow your drug shipment, utilize the following number on their internet based entrance. This will give you constant updates on the ongoing area and status of your freight.

Might I at any point plan a particular conveyance time for my new produce shipment?

While explicit conveyance time planning may not be accessible, TK New guarantees the brief transportation of your new produce inside the settled-upon period.

How are medical services items dealt with to guarantee their uprightness?

To preserve the integrity of healthcare products, TK Care uses meticulous handling procedures. Their die hard devotion ensures the solid and opportune conveyance of basic clinical supplies.

What safety efforts are set up for significant freight?

TK Important focuses on the security of high-esteem freight. Their coordinated operations administration incorporates private taking care and rigid safety efforts to safeguard your important shipments.

What is considered weak freight, and how could it be dealt with?

Items that are delicate or sensitive constitute vulnerable cargo. TK Powerless guarantees cautious dealing with and scrupulousness to protect these things during transportation.

Is it conceivable to speed up the conveyance of my freight in the event of desperation?

Yes, they provide options for expedited delivery based on urgency. Contact their client care for help and data on accessible express administrations.

What occurs if there is a postponement in the conveyance of my freight?

In the event of deferrals, their client service group is accessible to give refreshed data and help with settling any issues. They focus on correspondence to keep you informed in the meantime.