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One of the most important divisions of the Transport Corporation of India (TCI), India’s most renowned logistics company, TCI XPS was established in 1996.

Today, TCI XPS has been spun off into TCI EXPRESS LIMITED, a separate business that is listed on Indian stock exchanges. Express cargo distribution and the burgeoning e-commerce industry are the primary focal points here. 

TCI Transport offers time-definite solutions as their area of expertise. They are the only express cargo company in India with its own facility throughout India, a staff of more than 3500 professionals, and more than 40000 locations for pickup and delivery.

TCI Express Courier Tracking


In the Indian and international markets, TCI EXPRESS Tracking ought to be a customer-focused, multi-technology, IT specialist transportation system with a demonstrated commitment to excellence in every activity and pursuit of value-based policies to fulfil the aspirations of society, customers, vendors, employees, shareholders, and the transportation industry.


  • A favourite among Indian and international customers.
  • Express is the fastest multimodal company.
  • Always faster and more professional than the competition.
  • Always delight their clients.
  • Superior service is made possible by cutting-edge technology.
  • Reliable to all of their clients and regarded favourably by all of their stakeholders.


  • A vast network of offices that are entirely computerized.
  • Through the Hub and Spoke distribution model, well-connected routes facilitate rapid cargo movement.
  • A sizable fleet of fully containerized vehicles that serves 40,000 pickup and delivery locations.
  • Hubs that are well-equipped and safe have a strong workforce of professionals who are dedicated.
  • GPS-equipped vehicles in ten regional offices with a separate department for customer service.
  • New, cutting-edge, fully automated sorting facilities are being built in Pune and Gurugram.

Value Added Services

Through the Key Account Management setup, TCI Tracking provides its customers with a single-window solution. The Key Account Management team serves as TCI Logistics’s single point of contact and oversees the flow of information and cargo.

  • Wellbeing and Security of Vehicles through Carefully Designed Locking Frameworks.
  • The extended delivery service outside of the TCI EXPRESS Tracking network is the Diplomat Service.
  • POD or electronic proof of delivery
  • COD (Money down) office.
  • Facility for freight on delivery (FOD).
  • Services for Sundays, holidays, and late pickup on demand
  • Management of key accounts.
  • Customers can choose to use the SMS facility.
  • OTP-based delivery for pharmaceutical shipment delivery.
  • Customers interact with IT via API.
  • The mobile app is simple to use for customers.

TCI Express Services

Surface Express

Express services with a fleet of fully containerized vehicles and more than 40.000 locations. TCI EXPRESS offers redid esteem-added administrations to meet clients’ necessities.

Important Differences

  • Programming interface (Application Programming Connection point) office to Clients for a Modified Arrangement
  • Multi Areas Get and Conveyance (Anyplace to Anyplace) through TCI Logistics own Devoted Branches
  • Turn around PickUp from any place to any place in no less than 24 hours of Get On-line demand.
  • Through their company-owned, dedicated Branches, from the First Mile Pickup to the Last Mile, time-defined Deliveries.
  • GPS Module for Real-Time Vehicle Tracking for Customer Tracking Support Round the Clock.
  • 40000 locations in India offer express delivery.
  • Pickup of cargo from more than 40000 points.
  • Day-to-Day Delivery
  • Collection of cash.
  • Customers interact with IT.
  • Deliveries on Sundays and holidays.

TCI Logistics

Domestic Air Express

Time-sensitive expresses deliveries and round-the-clock services are provided by TCI EXPRESS Tracking. It conveys in all significant metros in 24 hours and Scaled-down Metros and A-class urban communities in 48 hours.

Important Differences

  • Services from door-to-door and airport to door
  • Air terminal to-Air terminal/Air terminal to-Entryway administrations.
  • Multimode administration – Special blend of air and surface modes.
  • Space is arranged in a unique way with all domestic carriers.
  • Delivery Collection (COD)
  • Services on Sundays and holidays
  • Deliveries and pickups are late.
  • POD in both hard and soft formats as requested by customers.

TCI Courier Tracking

International Air Transport

TCI Tracking offers commercial and noncommercial services to approximately 208 countries from over 3000 pickup points in India, departing from all of the country’s major airports. No country is too far away for TCI Express Courier Tracking.

Important differences

  • TCI EXPRESS LIMITED offers shipping services to third countries as well.
  • For shipments from one airport to another, pick-up from the Exporter’s premises is planned.
  • TCI Transport offers individualized pricing based on the length of the transit.
  • Their First Flight Out Service provides hand-delivered urgent shipments by trained personnel.
  • Customization of the Bulk Mailer Services is made available to exporters.
  • Additionally, they arrange and assist exporters in obtaining shipment insurance.
  • Wherever necessary, charter services are provided.

Transport Corporation Of India

Rail Express

Important Differences

  • Faster than air deliveries in terms of cost and time to market.
  • Door-to-Door or Station-to-Station alternatives.
  • Handling bulk shipping with efficiency.
  • Multi-modal Service to extend as far as possible.
  • Break mass and Full Rake development.

TCI Transport


B2B on multi-model distribution for optimal on-time delivery and the added value of cash-on-delivery (CoD) features.

Important Differences

  • Inter-warehouse, Warehouse-to-vendor/customer, and Vendor-to-Vendor.
  • Distribution of material for packaging.
  • From the fulfilment hub to the final mile.
  • Distribution within a city.
  • CoD assortment.
  • Customers interact with IT.
  • Deliveries on Sundays and holidays.
  • API for real-time tracking with a simple portal for customers to log in.
  • Vehicles with GPS.

TCI Express Limited

C2C Express

Full truckload, single, and milk run options, and vehicle placement within 12 hours of order confirmation.

Important Differences

  • Transport from beginning to end.
  • Delivery and pickup from multiple locations.
  • Transportation of valuable cargo.
  • A vehicle with GPS capability for tracking.
  • One contact person for all inquiries.
  • Containerized vehicles promptly accessible 32 ft. and 24 ft.

TCI Tracking

Cold Chain

Important Differences

  • Transport with temperature control via FTL and milk run.
  • Transportation with temperature control in secondary transportation.
  • Available vehicles range from one ton to 18 tons.
  • The vehicle was equipped with GPS and Tracer, making it simple to track its temperature and location.