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New Delhi+91-11-41101515[email protected]36 DLF Modern Region, second Floor, Opp. Moti Nagar, New Delhi, Fun Cinema, 110015

Official Website Link: http://ondotcouriers.co.in/

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OnDot Tracking

Ondot Dispatch and Express Freight are Homegrown and Global messengers. Through its national (All India) network, it offers courier services that are cost-effective, effective, and quick. 

Ondot focuses on expedited delivery of documents, small packages, and bulky shipments. From Metro, Class A, B, and C urban communities their scope goes down to the profound insides of modest communities and towns. 

Their prudent and custom answers for the particular necessities of their requesting clients make them a favoured Dispatch with numerous public and global corporate clients. 

OnDot Logistics is presently preparing for giving specific items and administrations to its insightful clients. OnDot Courier Tracking believes in expansion. Additionally, OnDot Courier will expand in terms of clients, destinations, products, and services.


Ondot Courier & Express Cargo was founded in 2019 and has its main office in Delhi. The owners’ dream was to offer affordable courier and express services to corporate and individual retail customers. 

The company was born as a result. OnDot Tracking is currently at a number of milestones and is expected to reach many more in the near future. 

OnDot Logistics, other than being one of the developing dispatch and freight organizations in India is likewise considered a real part of the main 10 broadly present express organizations.


Over the years, Ondot has diligently constructed a network that adapts to their client’s shifting goals. In addition to the over 4000 booking centres, four zonal offices, and cutting-edge 15 regional offices, the Ondot network is supported by approximately 150 branch offices to ensure efficient operation setup. 

Ondot likewise over and over shows its remarkable capacity of coordinating administrations to numerous ODA and Non-functional for the clients who are needing such help and are accommodative concerning cost.

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OnDot Courier Tracking has made a sufficient and present-day framework to help its tremendous organization the nation over. The company operates a fleet of autonomous vehicles to improve load movement efficiency within and between cities and zones. 

In order to keep a constant eye on the operations, the load processing centres are fully outfitted with the most recent IT technology tools. Each hub ensures the security of securitized shipments by using strong rooms.


OnDot Tracking makes full use of the technology that it uses to support it’s business and other activities. A successful Trace and Track facility in the system is made possible by the multiple uses of scanners to manifest and record the movement of each and every shipment that moves through its network. 

The organization has accomplished 100 per cent computerization inside its self-organization. The incorporated backup servers guarantee a suitable fiasco of the executive’s framework and guarantee effective administration data and insightful instruments. 

The express industry guarantees a fast communication module by extensively using messaging tools and achieving a 100% mobility rate.

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OnDot Courier Tracking utilizes in excess of 250 senior administration faculty to deal with everyday issues and to give vital bearing to the organization. Approximately 1500 highly professional and dedicated middle-level managers make up the core of its team.

In addition, the smooth operation of the operations at the grassroots level is ensured by a substantial force of approximately 10,000 workers, either directly or indirectly.

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Special Message From OnDot 

ONDOT Tracking Never Asks Customers To Share Their OTP or UPI Pin or Pay Online. You could consider any phone request of such nature as a scam call.

OnDot Courier Tracking at JAI BALA JI GROUP appreciates your ongoing support.

Covid-19 continues to spread, it is time for communities and businesses to support control measures to prevent its potential spread, reduce its effects, and prevent further transmission.

As a responsible organization, JAI BALA JI GROUP adheres to the guidelines established by the Indian government.

In light of the current situation, OnDot Courier Tracking will only operate in Orange and Green zone locations beginning on April 20, 2020, to the best of their local abilities and with limited resources; however, deliveries and pick-up services are not available in RED ZONE or HOT SPOT locations.