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Maxicon Container Transport Singapore

This leading NVOCC, which was established in December 2004 and has its headquarters in Singapore, has established a respectable reputation in the shipping industry. It operates throughout South East Asia and the Indian Subcontinent. Through their extensive network of 73 ports and ICDs, they manage full container loads and project cargo throughout Asia, including the Far East, Middle East, and Upper Gulf. They are experts in Non-Vessel Operating Common Carrier (NVOCC) services. 

With a modest beginning of 200 TEUS principally serving the East shore of India, they have developed over the last 10 years into one of the main 3 NVOCC administrators in their locale, a demonstration of their versatility and development mentality. Opportunities abound for individuals seeking dynamic career paths at this company. Their inside workboard reliably presents fascinating difficulties across assorted geologies, different lines of transportation, specific hardware, and complex task freights. 

Nurturing a climate of proficiency and self-improvement encourages exploration and pushing boundaries. Fast Track Progress program accelerates talent development, empowering employees for influential roles. Operational excellence hinges on an engaged workforce and leadership’s role in driving accountability. Emphasizing customer focus, excellence, and agility across all levels and functions for organizational success. A culture fostering growth, experimentation, and meaningful contributions towards achieving collective goals.

Emphasis on responsibility, integrity, social affinity, fostering a familial atmosphere for growth and contribution. New culture aimed at accountability, customer focus, excellence, efficiency, with collective positive energy. Prioritizing structured operational architecture to instill values of accountability, customer-centricity, and efficiency. Encouraging individuals to contribute positively, thrive, and align with organizational goals effectively. Building a culture of excellence, customer focus, and efficiency through collective positive energy and structure.


Specialization in FCL Shipping

Proficient in transporting special equipment and Full Container Loads (FCL) across key regions. Expertise ensures safe and timely delivery to destinations in India, Indian Subcontinent, Middle East, etc. Specialization guarantees secure transport regardless of shipment complexity or volume. Clients benefit from reliable and efficient freight services across significant Asian regions. Ensuring safe and on-time delivery, meeting diverse shipping needs with expertise and reliability.

Project Cargo Management

With a devoted armada of Level Rack, Level Bed, and Open Top holders, they succeed in overseeing over-dimensioned and exceptional freight. These holders are intended to oblige weighty, massive, and curiously large things, giving a consistent answer for moving testing freight types that may not fit customary steel trailers. 

Maintenance of Containers

Their obligation to be somewhere safe and secure and quality stretches out to the upkeep of holders, which is regulated by their in-house Support and Fix (MNR) group. Compartments are routinely reviewed and kept up to the best expectations, guaranteeing that they are solid and agreeable with industry guidelines. This careful methodology diminishes the gamble of postponements or harm during travel, giving clients inner harmony. 

Customized Logistics Solutions

They offer fitted strategies and answers to meet the exceptional prerequisites of every client. They use their expertise and network to provide comprehensive solutions that boost efficiency and profitability, whether they are managing intricate supply chains, optimizing cargo routes, or providing value-added services like warehousing and distribution. 

24/7 Customer Support

As part of their customer-centric strategy, they offer support to customers around the clock to address any questions or concerns they might have.