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Phone Number(022) 68776877
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Company AddressUnit no. 8B, 8th Floor, The Summit Business Bay, Andheri Kurla Road, Andheri East, Mumbai, MH 400093

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Grab Courier Transport India

Sent off in 2013, they were India’s initial startup to offer a tech-empowered conveyance answer for organizations. Throughout the long term, they have constructed an extensive armada of bicycle riders that move items inside hyperlocal areas and give intracity conveyances using their four-wheeler organization. Their strategies stage take special care of a wide cluster of organizations, going from cafés and online food merchants to disconnected and online retail trade, kirana stores, drug stores, banks, and telecom. They cater to any company that regularly requires product deliveries. 

Their dependability and dedication are shown through extensive industry experience and commitment to excellence. They’ve established themselves as a reliable provider, consistently meeting diverse customer delivery needs. Their plug-and-play solution simplifies logistics processes, making it easier for businesses. Designed for easy integration, their technology streamlines operations efficiently. Their proven track record showcases reliability and exceptional service quality.

This tech-forward approach guarantees consistent tasks, permitting organizations to zero in on their center exercises while they handle the coordinated operations. They cover all of India, so businesses in different parts of the country can use their services. This broad approach pursues them a favoured decision for organizations hoping to extend their conveyance tasks without geological imperatives. 

By offering thorough delivery solutions, they enhance businesses’ customer service and operational efficiency. Their success stems from a robust, adaptable logistics platform meeting evolving business needs. They are indispensable partners for businesses needing reliable and effective delivery solutions. Their innovative approach and extensive service capabilities make them a preferred choice. They excel consistently in both hyperlocal deliveries and intracity logistics, demonstrating excellence and reliability.

Grab Parcel Services


Just press a button to request a rider! Within a 4 km radius, a rider arrives for pickup within 15 minutes and delivers your order. This help guarantees quick and solid conveyances, making it ideal for earnest necessities and speedy turnarounds. 


Ideal for staple stages, retail outlets, and drug stores, GrabEx offers 2-hour pickup openings for conveyances inside a 5 km range. It makes sure that the products arrive fresh and on time. 

First Mile 

First Mile service delivers your sellers to the distribution centre and handles express pickups from their locations.


The Forward assistance includes the pickup of mass shipments from either our conveyance place or yours, with same-day conveyance to the end client. This help is great for organizations expecting to move huge amounts of merchandise productively and dependably, guaranteeing that items arrive at their last objective expeditiously. 


Reverse logistics services handle returns with doorstep authentication and delivery to the distribution centre. This service is crucial for businesses managing returns efficiently and hassle-free. It ensures that returned items are quickly processed and reintegrated into inventory. Companies benefit from streamlined return management and swift stock reintegration. These services offer a reliable solution for efficient return processing.


IntraCity service utilizes two- and four-wheelers for deliveries beyond the hyperlocal range. Businesses seeking reliable, adaptable urban delivery options benefit from this service. It ensures goods are delivered efficiently across any distance within the city. This service supports dependable fulfillment for larger urban areas. Effective intracity deliveries are guaranteed, meeting diverse business needs.