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You can also use our tracking tool for Paack Delivery Tracking.

iMile Logistics UAE

C.E.O. What’s more, pioneer Rita Huang, previously of Alibaba and Huawei, had a dream of interfacing with Chinese merchants around the world. Her story started while living in the U.A.E.; she bought regular things from her nation of origin of China and before long understood the difficulty in getting her buys. 

Rita came to comprehend that the issue was that there are no proper location frameworks set up in the U.A.E., however, what shocked her was that this was not only a U.A.E. issue; Without formal address systems, half the world was struggling as well. It was then that her energy for taking care of this issue started.

Rita was inspired by the worldwide rise of e-commerce, particularly among Chinese retailers. By offering local merchants better delivery options, she realized there was a chance to connect sellers in China to the potential of high-growth emerging markets. The fact that iMile was conceived makes it then, at that point. 

With a decade of tech experience, Rita could tackle these issues with a new viewpoint, bringing worth to the web-based business and operations networks. Lodging north of 100 tech masters between Shenzhen, Hangzhou, and Dongguan iMile comprehends the stuff to prevail in the quickly impacting computerized world.

In 2020, iMile positioned number 25 as one of the Top 50 most supported new businesses by Forbes Center East, and in 2021 iMile moved to number 9. Development, flexibility, unwavering quality, and administration customization are essential for the iMile D.N.A. Joining the iMile operations family guarantees a brilliant brand insight all through the client venture.

Principles of iMile Delivery


  • They don’t see clients; they see long haul accomplices. Your business is their business. You can depend in their expert group for all your transportation needs. ” They Got This”


  • Each business has various prerequisites, and flexibility is important for their DNA. They’ll take care of the rest once you tell them what you need.


  • Innovation and ability carry advancement to iMile. They mix human touch focuses with cutting edge innovation to offer an unparalleled client experience.

Premium performance

  • Their clients, of all shapes and sizes, will have all their strategy needs to be met as they give modified processes.


  • Their digitized cycles and client entries give total perceivability to the exhibition of your business.


  • Their in-house innovation guarantees upgraded client and client experience with uncommon execution.

iMile Courier Services

Quick COD

Settlement Clients have the choice to pay with cash rather than the card at the hour of conveyance, making it simpler for them to utilize their administrations. Their clients will get the COD settlement in under seven days.

Fulfillment and warehousing

Their offices overall can store, stock, name, satisfy, and standardized tag a few orders precisely and on time. In light of their client’s prerequisites, they can give a wide range of warehousing and satisfaction arrangements.

Same Day Next Day

They give expedited shipment administrations where clients can put in and accept their requests around the same time. Depending on the requirements of the client, they also provide “Next Day Deliveries” and “Scheduled Deliveries.”


They straightforwardly get orders from their homegrown client’s distribution centre and convey them to their clients. A few clients might not have the armada or labour to do last-mile conveyances, and this is where they step in.

Cross Border and Custom Clearance

It offers complete 3PL solutions worldwide and locally. They get and convey shipments across borders and convey them to the clients. They likewise handle and give express custom leeway to flawlessly move these shipments.

Frequently Asked Questions By iMile Delivery Logistics Tracking

How would it be a good idea for me to respond if the following data isn’t refreshing?

Assuming you experience issues with following updates, kindly contact their client care with your following number, and they’ll expeditiously explore and furnish you with the vital data.

Could I at any point get SMS or email notices for my conveyance status?

Yes, pick in for their notice administrations during the following system to get convenient SMS or emails on your bundle’s status, guaranteeing you stay informed all through the conveyance venture.

How might I reroute or reschedule my conveyance?

Contact their client care group with your following number, and they’ll help you in rerouting or rescheduling your conveyance given your inclinations and accessibility.

Are there additional costs associated with utilizing the tracking services?

No, their following administrations are incorporated as a feature of their standard dispatch administrations, and there are no extra expenses for checking your bundle’s process through their web-based following entry.

Could I at any point follow global shipments with a similar framework?

Yes, their global positioning framework is intended to give updates to both homegrown and worldwide shipments, offering an exhaustive answer for checking bundles no matter what their objective.

How long will the following data be accessible after conveyance?

You can get to following data for a predetermined period after conveyance, regularly for half a month. Assuming you want data past that, kindly contact their client service for help.