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CITYPhone NumberEmail AddressCompany Address
Beijing15838021677[email protected]Yanwen Logistics, No. 143, South Wangjiachang Village, Liqiao Town, Shunyi District, Beijing

Official Website Link: https://www.yw56.com.cn/en/

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Yanwen Logistics Transport

Yanwen is one of China’s leading 3PL-serving cross-border web-based business merchants. Incorporating their Worldwide Operations Organization with their homegrown assortment administration throughout China, they are very well positioned to fulfill all clients’ circulation and coordinated factor needs.

What’s more, their group of individuals has the innovation and data frameworks to offer consistent support for their clients. They have an all-out encouraging group of people that will act—on the off chance that clients need it—as their very own expansion business.



  • Established in Beijing.


  • Became a suggested and approved planned operations Supplier for Web based business stages, including AliExpress, eBay, and so on.


  • Every year surpasses 250 Million bundles.


  • Day to day, more than 2 million bundles are handed to transporters.
  • Give Assortment administrations in 33 urban communities, covering more than 95% of cross-line web-based business Assortment businesses in China.
  • Own in excess of 4000 representatives altogether, with workplaces in Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Hangzhou, Hong Kong, and so on.


  • Hope to outperform 3.2 million every day.
  • Grow Assortment administration to the north of 50 urban areas.


  • Pioneer in Cross-Boundary Web-Based Business Operations in China


  • Solid Activity and Administration
  • Creative and Propelled groups


  • Top-notch administration.
  • Individuals Arranged.
  • Board Need.

Products and Services of Yanwen Couriers

Package Tracking

  • Yanwen’s primary service is package tracking. Customers can enter their unique tracking number to monitor the status and location of their shipments in real time.

International Shipping

  • Yanwen specializes in international shipping services, allowing customers to track packages sent across borders.

Email/SMS Notifications 

  • Yanwen offers the option to sign up for email or SMS notifications. Customers can receive regular updates on the status of their packages, ensuring they stay informed about the delivery process.

Parcel Information

  • Customers can access detailed information about their parcels, including the estimated delivery date, the current location of the package, and any exceptions or delays that may have occurred during transit.

Customer Support

  • Yanwen provides customer support services to address inquiries and concerns related to tracking, delivery, or any other aspects of the shipping process. This support is typically available through various contact channels, including phone, email, and online chat.

Return and Refund Tracking 

  • Yanwen assists customers in tracking the status of returned packages and refund processes, ensuring transparency and accountability in return logistics.

Bulk Shipment Tracking

  • Yanwen offers services for businesses or individuals managing multiple shipments, allowing them to track and manage multiple packages simultaneously.

Customs Clearance Updates

For international shipments, Yanwen provides updates on customs clearance processes and any documentation required to facilitate smooth cross-border movement.

Shipping and Delivery Options

  • Customers can explore different shipping and delivery options, such as express shipping or economy services, to suit their needs and budget.

Mobile App 

  • Yanwen may offer a mobile tracking app for convenient tracking on smartphones and tablets, enabling customers to track their packages on the go.

Frequently Asked Questions By Yanwen Logistics Tracking

How can I track my Yanwen package?

To track your Yanwen package, you can visit the Yanwen website or use a tracking platform, and then enter your unique tracking number provided by Yanwen.

What does it mean if my Yanwen package’s tracking status shows “In Transit”?

“In Transit” means that your package is currently moving through the postal or courier system and is on its way to the destination. It’s a common status while the package is in motion.

Can I track my Yanwen shipment internationally?

Yes, Yanwen offers international tracking services. You can track your Yanwen package regardless of whether it’s a domestic or international shipment.

My Yanwen tracking hasn’t been updated for a while. What should I do?

Sometimes there can be delays in tracking updates. If there haven’t been updates for a while, it’s a good idea to contact Yanwen’s customer support for further assistance.

How can I receive real-time updates on my Yanwen Logistics Tracking package’s location?

To receive real-time updates, you can sign up for email or SMS notifications through Yanwen’s tracking system. These notifications will keep you informed.