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In today’s fast-paced world of global commerce, efficient logistics and supply chain management are the linchpins of success. Among the leading trailblazers in this arena is TCS Courier Tracking, a global giant that has redefined the art of tracking and managing shipments with precision and innovation.

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Karachi(021) 111 123 456[email protected]101-104 Civil Aviation Club Road Karachi, 75202, Pakistan

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TCS Express Courier Tracking

Back in 1983, when TCS got going with only 25 shipments on its most memorable day, there was no question that it would develop to become the forerunner in Pakistan’s messenger industry. 

From that point forward, TCS has moved from being a messenger specialist organization to becoming a respected, verified name for conveying an extensive variety of operations administrations. In addition to that, TCS is currently en route to becoming the planned operations spine of the nation—significantly more than simply a modest dispatch organization.

While taking TCS for an innovation-driven organization is not difficult, at the core of the TCS peculiarities of progress are individuals. Those who remember that the clients are the main impetuses of progress and that the essential experiences of the business and the clients are the main genuine aids that make it conceivable to accomplish the exclusive expectations of administration

TCS’s affinity to benefit from present-day innovations doesn’t just assist them with creating tailor-made items and administrations; it permits them to keep up with industry-changing guidelines, which become the benchmarks that others seek to accomplish. They reaffirm their obligation to improve the situation for their clients regularly by invigorating additional opportunities and to keep on being your best option. Today, tomorrow, consistconsis

Mission, Vision and Values of TCS Express


TCS’s most valuable resource—the term ‘TCS KARDO’—has been gifted to them by individuals in Pakistan as a declaration of their love and trust.

It is by following through on this trust each and every day, no matter what, throughout the recent many years that they have turned into the country’s planned operations spine, conveying a variety of administrations to organizations and shoppers alike.

TCS Courier Tracking presently promises to increase the value of their administrations through a mix of energy and new innovations aimed at improving the efficiency of their clients while disentangling and enhancing the day-to-day existence of their purchasers.

Furthermore, they will expand their Air and Ground Operations Administrations’ past lines, opening new shipping lanes moulded by the rising local open doors, to the advantage of Pakistan.


  • To turn into the coordinated factors at the spine of the country.

Core Values

  • To adore their clients and convey quality.
  • Improvement of their representatives in a legitimacy-based culture
  • Equity to all partners.
  • Legitimate in each regard.
  • offering back culture.
  • Benefit through productivity.

Services of TCS Courier Tracking

Domestic Express

TCS’s domestic activities make them the forerunner in Pakistan’s dispatch and coordinated factors industry. Working with stroll-in clients at their Express Communities across Pakistan, they provide food for the biggest client base in the country, with a perpetual scope of financially savvy answers for their clients, from homegrown and worldwide shipments of reports and packages to archive verification, visa dropbox, branchless banking, satisfaction administrations, and in the middle between. 

TCS’s nonstop homegrown activities with retail groups, the biggest conveyance armada, and their administration principles give their individual and business clients genuine serenity while setting the bar for all dispatch and planned operations organizations in Pakistan.

  • Short-term Express.
  • Same-day conveyance
  • Second-Day Conveyance.
  • Time-Decision Conveyance
  • Redbox.
  • Economy Express.
  • Distribution.
  • Warehousing.
  • Express Flyer.
  • Mehfooz Express.
  • Fluid Shipments.
  • Understudies Express.
  • Authentication Administrations.
  • Tagging Administrations.
  • PackNGo.
  • Overland Express.
  • COD and COD+
  • Installment Arrangements.
  • Shipment Protection (CVI)
  • TCS New.
  • E-com Arrangements.

International Express

TCS Worldwide Messenger and Strategies activity is a serious area of strength for you for moving anything to and from Pakistan, locally and universally. TCS Courier Tracking incorporates normal and limited record administrations, PI-2 and PI-3, and Understudy Express, which permits level rates for instructive associations around the world. 

They likewise take special care of the full scope of global non-Doc administrations, including PN, Commodity Express, Import Express, and Cargo Besides, whether you really want to deliver something by and by, as a B2B or a B2C client.

With stations and center points in the UK, UAE, and Canada, TCS global tasks generally keep steady over the changing worldwide patterns, so you can get the best global messenger and planned operations administrations, nonstop, 365 days every year.

  • Redbox.
  • Understudies Express.
  • Express Flyer.
  • Authentication Administrations.

Warehouse Service By TCS Express Courier

TCS offers best-in-class, committed, as well as multi-client warehousing, with north of 650,000 square feet of room in Pakistan. The stock administration and it are mechanized for distribution center cycles. They likewise offer an electronic Stock Administration Framework (WIMS), which gives continuous, online data to assist clients with requesting, screening, and dealing with their stocks effectively.

Coordinated planned operations and dynamic obtaining, taking into account expanding productivity and decreasing expenses, to meet the current strategy challenges. A wide set-up of creative applications given by TCS empowers associations to modernize their production network processes by adding cloud-based distribution centre administration capacities.

  • Temperature-controlled and Encompassing Warehousing
  • Records The executives.
  • Esteem added administrations.

Frequently Asked Questions By TCS Courier Tracking

What is TCS’s ‘readiness to come in case of an emergency pickup’ for corporate clients?

Ready to come in case of an emergency pickup is a TCS pickup administration for corporate clients, accessible from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Saturday (for standard TCS shipments). The assistance makes it advantageous to have your shipment delivered from your chosen area. You can plan an available for potential emergency pickup by calling their helpline (111 123 456).

Who pays for products?

The agent regularly pays the obligation charges. Be that as it may, the transporter may likewise decide to pay them by mentioning ‘Conveyance Obligation Paid Help’.

How much TCS is obligated for shipments?

TCS works on a restricted-risk basis, as proclaimed on the aviation route bill. TCS’s obligation is completely to coordinate misfortune. TCS’s most remarkable obligation in case of misfortune or harm to a shipment is US$100 or the worth recorded on the aviation route charge, whichever is lesser.

Might I at any point follow more than one shipment in a single email?

Yes, you can follow up to 25 TCS courier tracking numbers in a single email.

How could I arrange the following numbers when I track numerous bundles?

While giving your shipment the following numbers in the body of the email, ensure that you:
Enter just a single following number in one line; or, on the other hand,
Add a space between each following number, or, on the other hand,
Separate the following numbers with commas.