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Bengaluru+91 844 8444 097[email protected]2nd K Cross Rd., 1st Block, HRBR Layout, Banaswadi, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560043

Official Website Link: https://www.lexship.com/

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Lexship Tracking India

Logilink India Private Restricted was laid out in 2012 with a great concentration on acquiring straightforwardness, responsibility, and productivity in the store network biological system.

Lexship, as one of the lines of business, centres around small and medium business people conveying their products across the globe. A key area of LEXSHIP is empowering “worldwide web-based businesses” and working on a similar project through digitization.

Straightforwardness, usability, and effortlessness are the foundations of their answer. Lexship as an item and administration reliably deals with disentangling and driving “simplicity of carrying on with work.”

Vision and Mission of Lexship Parcel

  • Conveying greatness in worldwide operations, Lexship imagines consistent, proficient, and dependable production network arrangements worldwide.
  • Spearheading advancement, they endeavour to rethink industry guidelines, guaranteeing Lexship stays the preferred coordinated factors accomplice universally.
  • Encouraging maintainability, their vision envelops earth-capable works, going for the gold and more eco-accommodating coordinated operations biological system.
  • Enabling people groups, Lexship tries to make positive social effects through magnanimous drives and dependable strategic approaches.
  • Client centricity is at its centre, with a dream to surpass assumptions, offering unrivalled support and fulfillment.
  • Execute time-delicate conveyances with accuracy, using state-of-the-art innovation for ideal following, straightforwardness, and effectiveness.
  • Construct vigorous organizations and organizations to guarantee consistent associations, encouraging a really interconnected worldwide coordinated operations scene.
  • Focus on supportable works, diminishing carbon impression through eco-accommodating drives, green innovations, and capable obtaining.
  • Participate in local area outreach, supporting social causes, and adding to the prosperity of the social orders they serve.
  • Focus on consumer loyalty through customized administration, responsive correspondence, and constant improvement in all features of their activities.

Lexship Services

Customs Clearance Services

Master customs techniques to smooth out the leeway cycle and stay away from deferred shipments.

Supply Chain Management

Exhaustive administration of start-to-finish supply chains, upgrading effectiveness, decreasing expenses, and improving generally functional execution


Best-in-class warehousing offices for safe capacity, stock administration, and appropriation custom-fitted to clients’ particular requirements.

E-commerce Logistics

Specific administrations are taking care of the interesting requests of the web-based business industry, including request satisfaction and last-mile conveyance.

Specialized Cargo Handling

Mastery in taking care of sensitive, risky, or larger-than-average freight, guaranteeing transportation free from even a hint of harm with particular hardware and cycles.

Track and Trace Technology

Execution of cutting-edge global positioning frameworks for continuous permeability, furnishing clients with exact and state-of-the-art data on their shipments.

Consultancy Services

Proficient direction and discussion on coordinated factor systems, consistency, and streamlining to improve general store network effectiveness

Temperature-Controlled Logistics

Particular treatment of temperature-touchy products, keeping up with the expected circumstances all through the transportation and capacity process.

Frequently Asked Questions By Lexship Courier Tracking

Could you, at any point, deal with the whole inventory network for my business?

Yes, they offer an exhaustive inventory network for the executive’s administration, streamlining processes from acquisition to dispersion.

What arrangements do you make to accommodate Internet business organizations?

Their custom-made web-based business administrations incorporate request satisfaction, last-mile conveyance, and consistent coordination with online stages.

Are consultancy administrations accessible to enhance planned operations systems for organizations?

Totally, they offer proficient consultancy administrations to assist clients with advancing coordinated factors techniques, consistency, and functional effectiveness.

Do you have practical experience in dealing with fragile or larger-than-average freight?

Yes, they have the aptitude for dealing with fragile, dangerous, and curiously large freight, guaranteeing free transportation from any potential harm.

For temperature-touchy products, what planned operations arrangements do you make?

They spend significant time on temperature-controlled coordinated factors, guaranteeing the protected transportation of products with explicit temperature prerequisites.