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Phone Number022-66382281/82/83
Email Address[email protected]
Company Address107/108/109 Sharda Chambers, New Marin Lines, Churchgate. Mumbai- 400020

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Gunina Parcel Service India

This group of businesses, which began 15 years ago, was established to supply food, spices, edible oil, textiles, and other general merchandise to the general public. The majority of their services are provided by government agencies in Maharashtra and nearby states like Gujarat, Goa, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, and Madhya Pradesh. As of late, they extended their tasks into the help area through their lead auxiliary, which has wandered into package and coordinated operations administrations.

MSRTC, with its 18,000 bus fleet, has appointed them as a sub-sole authorized delivery agency. Their logistics division provides 24-hour parcel pick-up and delivery services through a network of approximately 400 branches staffed by 3,000 employees. In addition, they manage their key centres’ warehouses and keep a fleet of vehicles running.

From their Mumbai office, they centrally monitor operations to ensure streamlined procedures and high standards. Their extensive methodology and commitment to excellence establish them as a reliable entity in logistics. Adapting to market needs over the past decade, they reflect significant expansion and growth.

They ensure the supply of essential goods with unwavering dedication and meticulous planning. Their robust logistics operations underscore their prominence in the supply chain sector. With a focus on innovation, they leverage technology to meet evolving market demands effectively.


Express Load Part Load/Truck Load 

They offer both part burden and truckload express administrations, guaranteeing that clients can pick the most proficient and savvy choice for their delivery needs.

Pickup/Home Delivery

Customers can take advantage of home delivery and pickup services that are convenient. Their extensive network ensures seamless parcel collection and delivery, providing a smooth experience from start to finish.

Cash/To Pay Booking

They accept cash or credit cards for bookings, which adds to the convenience. This service offers flexibility and ease for both senders and receivers by allowing recipients to pay for their packages upon delivery. 

Insurance Coverage Support

Customers can rest easy knowing that their packages will be safe in transit thanks to their insurance coverage support for all shipments. This assistance guarantees that all merchandise is sufficiently safeguarded through the conveyance cycle. 

Packages for B2B

They offer specialized packages for B2B transactions, ensuring timely and secure delivery of commercial consignments.

Online Tracking Services/SMS Services

Using online tracking services, customers can monitor their shipments in real time. Customers are kept up to date on the progress of their deliveries at all times thanks to SMS notifications. 

Physical POD/Challan Acknowledgement

For confirmation and record-keeping, they give actual Verification of Conveyance (Case) and challan affirmations. Transparency and accountability are provided by this, as it ensures that each delivery is documented and confirmed. 

12/7 Access Call Center

They operate a 24-hour call centre to assist their customers. Customers can use this service to get in touch with support, inquiries, or assistance whenever it’s most convenient for them.