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GOA+91 81490 77777[email protected]Kamat Tower Shop No. 8 EDC Complex PattoPanjim – 403001

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Corporate Courier and Cargo Ltd

25 years of involvement with Messenger administration

The movement of the exchange and the investigation of having the choice to execute business of any scale in various regions, locally and generally, is an eccentricity especially served by the planned tasks and development-driven express dispatch industry and space.

Corporate Courier

It has the essential qualifications of family and openness to offer the expression made over, an encounter of bliss and reality. A group helmed by experienced industry people and experts, master and presented to commit and convey, across a different range of areas and administrations, they are a neo-age dispatch corporate, open to nearby requests out of luck, while rehearsing worldwide principles of conveyance cycles and techniques, to empower their regarded clients with the force of speed, time, worth, and bliss. 

Having a container India Actual Presence with organization-owned possession Workplaces in terrifically significant metro and metropolitan areas Corporate Courier Tracking is nevertheless a summons to offer administrations to homegrown and global areas, modified mass mailings and conveyances, and corporate mailers.

In a World

Which is changing at a speed which is a test to scale and guide, coordinated operations and express freight is one such space and industry, that CORPORATE Messenger has diligently kept the rhythm of control and development with the network being the buzz world and the centre way of thinking at CORPORATE Dispatch EXPRESS Confidential Restricted.

To meet the requested needs

Furthermore, feeding goals to a different range of customers, but cutting a speciality in the serious messenger and corporate institutional section has made Corporate Dispatch, a preferred specialist organization to a large group of banking, telecom, 3PL, IT, and FMCG industry clients, a free and friendly customer base all over India.

The group at Corporate Courier 

Headed by a Chief and Pioneer, whose comprehensive way to deal with undertakings and difficulties within reach, with a committed and proficient point of view has likewise been a basic worth part, however much the other Board individuals who have had their beginnings in the messenger and freight industry throughout the course of recent years, in different significant positions, areas in India and abroad.

With courses of events driven innovation

Furthermore, processes that make the client experience a straightforward joy, the CRM Module at Corporate Messenger, are client-driven to convey esteem in a fixed and confided-in climate and convey the standing of generosity from beginning to end.

With Workplaces in exceptionally significant metro

Areas across the scene, Corporate Courier Tracking additionally benefits worldwide areas and conveys all around the globe. With tracking, following, and refreshing travel timetables, and innovation as one with committed labour, the emphasis is on making the experience consistent and pleasant.

Corporate’s bunch of exceptional items and administrations are contributions architected to suit and modify each conceivable need and request, guaranteeing the cycle is controlled and led in a climate of exactitude. Subsequently, their slogan was: – SECURE, TRUST, CONVEY. The philosophy and the soul of every one of their practices and responsibilities

Corporate Dispatch and administration

With its organization claimed workplaces and outfitted with an armada of vehicles and innovation, what’s to come coaxes an interesting period of difficulties and requests, for which they are ready and anticipate the proceeded with the commitment of all their esteemed clients, partners and all the more significantly colleagues at CORPORATE Dispatch.

Services of Corporate Logistics

Domestic Normal

  • Domestic Normal Administrations is made for Client’s Ordinary and General Dispatch Administrations.

Air Services

  • Air Administration is for your time-bound and practical conveyances in India.

Gold Services

  • An exceptional help for Reports and Packages for ensuring Next Work Day Conveyance.

Worldwide Administrations

  • Their Answer for Your Global Shipment Developments with Great Cost Efficiency

Restricted Items in Corporate Courier Tracking

The accompanying things are inadmissible for carriage to every single Homegrown objective:

  • Stepped and paid ahead of time for postal envelopes and packages.
  • Guns, explosives, and military hardware.
  • Valuable stones, diamonds, and adornments.
  • Booty Articles.
  • Unloaded Film Movies.
  • Unapproved Backwoods Produce.
  • Unsafe and radioactive material, Risky Merchandise, fluids, and semi-fluids.
  • Food items and alcohol, Live stock and creatures
  • Bones/Horns.
  • Any obscene material.
  • Batteries (with corrosion)
  • Uncrossed (carrier) drafts/checks, cash, and coins.
  • Charcoal.
  • Dangerous compound things, Poisonous and irresistible substances, Combustible fluid.
  • Distributions containing maps showing the wrong limits of India.
  • Dead assortments of Individuals and creatures
  • Unloaded Cotton Bundles.
  • Passports.
  • Fake or pilfered products.
  • Unloaded Woolen Products.
  • Untanned Cowhide, skins, and Stows away.
  • Opium.
  • Harmful and Non-toxic gases.
  • Poison, Powders.
  • Money Notes.
  • Wafers/Explosives.
  • Combustible solids.
  • Gas Chambers with packed gas.
  • Oxidizing substances and Natural peroxide
  • Medications, opiates, and hemp material
  • Military Hardware.

Frequently Asked Questions By Corporate Courier Tracking

What administration does Corporate Messengers India provide?

Corporate Couriers India offers a thorough scope of messenger administrations custom-fit to meet your business needs. They provide express record and package conveyance, global delivery, planned operations arrangements, and warehousing administrations, guaranteeing consistent transportation of your merchandise across India and then some.

How would I follow up on my shipment with Corporate Dispatches India?

Following your shipment is simple with Corporate Dispatches India. Essentially, visit their site and enter your exceptional follow-up number in the assigned field. You’ll get continuous updates on the status and area of your shipment, permitting you to remain educated at each step of the way.

What is the assessed conveyance time for homegrown shipments?

They grasp the significance of opportune conveyances. For homegrown shipments inside India, their standard conveyance time is commonly 1-3 work days. Notwithstanding, this might differ in view of elements like the objective, delivery technique, and any extra administrations you pick.

Are there bundling rules I ought to observe?

Yes, appropriate bundling is critical to guaranteeing the safe travel of your things. They suggest utilizing solid boxes, padding materials, and fixing bundles safely. For delicate or significant things, consider utilizing their particular bundling administrations to give an additional layer of assurance.

How would I demand a statement from the Corporate Courier Tracking India administration?

It is fast and simple to Demand a statement! You can visit their site and finish up the web-based statement demand structure, giving subtleties, such as the beginning, objective, bundle aspects, and weight. On the other hand, you can contact their client care group by telephone or email, and they will be glad to help you get a tweaked statement for your delivery needs.